Monday, November 29, 2010

Menu Plan Monday

I am trying to get back into some good habits that I have gotten out of recently.  One of those habits is blogging. Another habit is planning out our menus.  Things always seem to go much more smoothly when I have my meals planned out for the week.  I get home so late in the evenings that the kids are starving the moment we walk in the door.  This week's plan is:
Monday (Ken works late and is then going to see his dad):  Chili and cornbread
Tuesday (Ken still gone): turkey soup and biscuits
Wednesday: Hamburger Helper
Thursday (Ken is off and in charge of cooking):
Friday: Kids (and possibly me) headed to my parents' house--no need to plan dinner

I had been planning out a fruit and a vegetable to go with each meal, but lately the kids have wanted more input into dinner, so they take turns picking out a fruit and vegetable each night.  Consequently, they seem to eat more of said fruit and vegetable because they picked it out!

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