Sunday, July 4, 2010

Happy 4th!

Our 4th of July was quite unworthy of a post, but the 3rd! Let me tell you about the 3rd! :)
Harrisonburg had it's 4th of July celebration on the 3rd this year and Ken had the day off. Saturday morning he took them to Home Depot to build periscopes while I stayed home and cleaned (a request that I actually made). I have been getting behind sine going back to work and it was really starting to get to me. I got a bunch done without my shadows!
When the kids got home they ate lunch and took their naps. They actually both went to sleep pretty easily because because we had told them they needed to sleep so we could go out for fireworks later.  Mom even got a nap! After they woke up we got ready and packed up both vehicles to head downtown. We parked down by the ABC store which is where we usually go to watch parades. It gives us access to a bathroom and a climate controlled building. And when Daddy is working, we can still watch parades with him.
After the parade we walked downtown and visited the Gus Bus.  Henry and Frances probably spent about 30 minutes there reading and being read to.
We wandered around downtown a bit and decided to get dinner. We found a place to park and ended up near some other groups of kids. One of the kids was a very precocious 5 year old boy, Z, who enjoyed coming to visit Benjamin.  Frances was introducing the family to him and when she introduced Benjamin he commented that he didn't have teeth. Frances agreed saying, "No. He doesn't eat food yet.  [pointing at me] Mommy has all his food."  Z looked at me very knowingly and nodded, "Yeah. I know about the breasts."
Frances and Henry ran around with these other kids dancing, playing with glow sticks and generally having a good time while waiting for the fireworks.
When the show started we discovered that (yet again) we were not in an ideal place to see them, but thankfully we were able to scoot out into the road and find a place to watch.  Henry declared them "Cool!"  Benjamin did not pay attention, but neither did he seem scared.
We walked back to the ABC store and headed home to get out some sparklers and go to bed. Incidentally, my normally fearless middle child is not at all a fan of sparklers. He would not go near them!

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