Monday, June 28, 2010

Benjamin Alan-2 month update

I am so horribly behind on this blog, I feel like I will never catch up!!  But it can't hurt to just dive right in an give a few updates. Maybe one of these days I will get a chance to catch up.

Benjamin is 2 months old today! He is growing and developing well and such a cutie!  He had his check up today (and I even survived taking all three kids by myself in the middle of nap time!) and his is 10 pounds, 9 oz. He has gained two pounds in two months!  He is 22-1/4 inches long.  That puts him in the 25th percentile for both height and weight. He did well on the checklist the doctor gave me as well. The doctor says he is very strong and show some typical 4 month old skills in terms of muscle development.  I said it was because he knows he is going to have to take on Henry at some point!

I asked the doctor about a few issues and was able to settle my mind about a few things. Firstly, he is a very noisy breather!  My mom can hear him over the phone and lots of people have asked me if he is okay when they hear him breathing.  The good news is that there is a name for whatever is causing it (I don't actually remember the name, but there is one...) and that he will grow out of it in another month or two. Basically, it is caused by the fact that his trachea is mostly soft, flexible cartilage. This cartilage tends to collapse sometimes while he is breathing and he sounds either squeaky or rattly.  He can still breathe fine, though, so it's okay.

The second and third issues I brought up turned out to more than likely be related. He spits up a LOT. Even 2-3 hours after eating, he is still spitting up. Also, sometimes he will latch on to nurse and then pull away screaming. The doctor thinks both of these things are due to reflux, so Benjamin has a prescription for Zantac twice a day. We are going to go back in two weeks and see how things have changed.  Anyone else have experience with reflux? How did it turn out??

Otherwise, Benjamin is doing really well.  He is not on a completely regular schedule yet, but I think getting the reflux under control might help with that. He sleeps pretty well at night and loves to be swaddled.  He gets this drunk little grin on his face when I put him on the blanket--like he knows what is coming and he just can't contain his excitement.  He doesn't keep a pacifier in his mouth very well, but he takes one to calm down sometimes. I would be ecstatic if he never became dependant on a pacifier or his thumb. 

Frances and Henry still love him to pieces.  In fact, the other morning at church, we sat a row behind our regular row. The row we usually sit in is slightly shorter that the pews behind it, so we are able to put his car seat next to us. However, yesterday we couldn't because we were in the wrong row.  I didn't want Benjamin to be in the way during Communion, so I moved him ahead of us (some friends were sitting there) so people could come up the aisle.  Well Henry did NOT like that. He had to go sit int he row ahead also, so he could keep Benjamin in his sights. He does not like being away from his "Benshamin."

I have misplaced my camera charger again, so I don't really have any good pictures. I might try and go back and add one from my phone later, but the bundle of blankets in front of me is grunting and I know what that means!

Things to catch up on at some point:
Henry's birthday and 3-year update
Frances' Kindergarten report
Benjamin's baptism
new stuff (van, dishwasher, phone, netbook)

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