Tuesday, February 2, 2010


I try to use this blog for myself; to remember my children as they grow and to give others a sneak peek into life here at our house.
Right now I am listening to Frances and Henry reading and singing together in bed. They think I don't know that they snuck a flashlight into bed with them.  This has become quite a habit with them, and I am torn on whether to fight it. On the one hand t is so darn precious to hear them in there bonding together; laughing and giggling.  It is actually fine for Henry because he is less likely to wake me up early. On the other hand, Frances tends to get cranky, so I try not to let it go on too long.  Sometimes I wish I could sit outside their door with a tape recorder and record it forever.  I hope they remember these nights as fondly as I do as they get older.

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