Thursday, October 22, 2009

Comments from the Peanut Gallery

Frances enjoys talking about calendar and the days of the week. There are lots of things going on, and she likes planning out what is coming next and keeping track of how many days until something new happens. Yesterday as we were leaving her dentist's office, she wanted to recount this week and all the "fun things" going on.
FJ: Mommy, let's count all the fun things this week.
Me: OK
FJ: On Monday, I had ballet.
Me: mmm-hmmm
FJ: On Tuesday...ummm....Mommy what fun happened on Tuesday?
Me: Tuesday is the day I got to put you on the bus [usually this is Daddy's job].
FJ: NO! Mommy! I am counting exciting things!
Me: You mean that me putting you on the bus isn't exciting??
FJ: No.
Me: OK, then I guess that Tuesday was the boring day when nothing exciting happened.
FJ: OK, well Wednesday...that's today, right Mommy?
Me: Yes, Frances, today is Wednesday.
FJ: OK, today the dentist was fun.
Me: Wait a think that going to the dentist is fun, but Mommy putting you on the bus is not?
FJ: Yes...and tomorrow is Thursday. That's the Pumpkin Patch. And then Friday, we go to GRANDMA'S!!
Me: Sounds like an exciting week.

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