Sunday, August 23, 2009

'Twas the Day Before Kindergarten

(My apologies to Clement Moore.)

'Twas the day before Kindergarten
And all through my house
Both my children were stirring
But there'd better not be any mouse!

The supplies had been purchased
And taken to school
New crayons and glue sticks
The Princess backpack was cool!

Frances was excited
And giddy, for sure
Tomorrow will be
A big day for her

Mommy and Daddy
Seem excited too
But nervous and anxious
About something so new.

We'll lay out the clothes
Before we go to bed
And take a good bath
For a squeaky clean head

In the morning, it's breakfast
And rushing to dress
Our fingers are crossed
Her hair won't be a mess!

We'll take the whole family
We'll walk up the street
She'll get on that big bus
She thinks is so neat

I'll probably follow
Like a humongous dork
To watch her get off it
'Fore I go to work

She'll walk in that big school
By herself, All alone
She'll take my heart with her
My big girl, my own.

She'll go to her classroom
She'll make lots of friends
And I'll be there to meet her
When her day ends

I'll hear all the stories
'Bout lunch and her class
I'll ask lots of questions
Of my sweet little Lass

I pray God's protection
Around her all day
That He will be with her
Since I can't be today

The tears will start flowing
I'll cry like a fool
'Cause my sweet little baby
Has gone off to school


  1. Amen sister!! You are not a dork - I did the very same thing. I just finished a conversation with my baby who is in Germany. I'm crying right now too - those feelings never go away! Congratulations for making through preschool and to THE BIG SCHOOL! I know that you are a great mom... cherish this time - you don't owe an explanation to anyone!! :):):) Every day is a celebration of God's love and we must share that with our children regardless of fears. I celebrate with you!! Kristee

  2. I'm crying after reading it...I'm only her Grandma....You and Ken have done great with her, she is going to do super.

    I didn't know I raised a poet!

    God bless you guys,


  3. I know you will do great! I will be thinking of both of you! Was right where you are last year crying and being the dork you describe :) We love you both!!--well, we love all four of you :) Great poem btw!


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