Saturday, August 8, 2009

A fun change of plans

Last night was the first Friday of the month, and usually the Children's Museum is open for free. I had told the kids that we would go and visit the museum if they had a good day at school. Of course, they both had an awesome day and even managed to stay clean all day long (which is not usually the case when I have plans after school). I got home packed up a snack/dinner and picked up Ken. We headed down to the museum and even commented on how empty the parking lot was...
Yeah, it was closed! Still not sure why, but we weren't the only people who wondered what was going on. Then we looked across the street and saw Mr. Mike (of Gus Bus "fame") and his drumming circle. There were about 10 people sitting in a circle playing a cool beat on different types on drums. We went over to say hi and got invited to join in. Mike had lots of other rhythm instruments set out for people to try. The kids had fun trying out different instruments. There were maracas, rain sticks, egg shakers, and these cute little frog-shaped instruments. They have ridges along their backs and when you rub a stick down them, they sound like a frog croaking! Definitely my favorite.
When the drum circle ended, we walked around downtown for a little while and then headed home. It wasn't the evening we had planned, but it was fun!

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