Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Mother's Day weekend the Diocesan Youth Council adults had a meeting in Williamsburg to scope out the campus and make sure we have all our ducks in a row. I hitched a ride with Cathy and Nadia and dragged the kids along for the fun!
We stayed at Mike's timeshare, which was quite a nice place, unless you wanted to sit in the hot tub! We laughed at John's attempts to heat it up by boiling huge amounts of water on the stove (never worked, by the way). The kids and I shared a King-sized bed which means that even though they both did their regular nightly 360s, I slept fine.
Saturday morning we went out the see Walsingham Academy and the campus of William and Mary. Here is the gym we are going to use for all the large group gatherings:

We had a good time visiting campus-I hadn't been there since I was a senior in high school and considering going there for school. We did a lot of walking, which was problem since some dummy (me...) packed socks but no tennis shoes. I had to walk all over the place in a pair of wedge sandals.
Afterwards we had lunch, did some more talking and packed up to leave.
We never did get our ducks in a row...

...they kinda just milled about; chasing the kids. And one of them got tired of waiting for Frances to tear her piece of bread into bite sized pieces and just helped himself.

Henry acted quite brave throughout the whole thing, but at heart he's a bit of a chicken about ducks!

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