Thursday, May 28, 2009

Thankful Thursday

I have gotten somewhat out of the habit of posting my Thankful Thursday, so I am going to try and get better about that.
Today I am especially thankful for:
  • Our newly Confirmed youth at church. This group is just stellar! When they wrote their letters explaining why they wanted to be Confirmed, I just cried. They get it. I was showing off to Ken this morning, telling him that this is the first year where I know each kid well enough to recognize them by name off the street. It seems every year we get a couple of kids that have never participated in anything at church before, but not this year. The newly Confirmed are: Amanda, Caroline, Kathryn, Emily, Zach, Devin, Francisco, Maria, Adrian, Elizabeth, Kory, Greg, Gina, and Tanner.
  • My church family. Everyone pulled together last night to make things flow smoothly. I didn't even know where my kids were for half of Mass because they were sitting with other people. The reception went very nicely and everything got cleaned up really quickly. I love the way we work together to get things done!
  • Surprises! Let's just say that the homily last night was a big surprise. I was very pleased.

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