Friday, May 1, 2009

My baby is growing up!

I remember when Frances turned 2. We got her a "big girl bed" and I was so excited for her to sleep in it. I haven't given it much thought for Henry because there just isn't room in their bedroom for another twin bed. As many of my facebook friends have seen, my two kiddos have a good time playing in Frances bed in the evenings, and last night was no exception. We got home a bit late because we had gone out for dinner, but no one was "headed over the edge" yet, so we took our time getting pajamas on and reading stories. Then Henry jumped up and crashed himself down on Frances' pillow and grinned at me. Thinking it was temporary, I tucked both of them into her bed and said good night. I swear, I thought he would cry or fuss when I left the room, but he didn't. I stood outside the door for a minute listening, and I heard Frances tell him, "This is your first night in a big boy bed, Henry!" awwwwww!
Well, since I can't sleep, I have been in to check on them a few times and they are both sleeping peacefully. . .together. . .in a big kid bed.


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