Monday, May 25, 2009

Menu plan Monday

Thought I would try to keep myself accountable...

Monday--Ken works late, but I am off. We will have spaghetti, corn and peaches for dinner.
Tuesday--Ken is off, but I work. We will have meatloaf, rice and green beans.
Wednesday--We have Confirmation and have to be at church by 6. We will have chicken, mushroom and black olive quesadillas with pineapples.
Thursday--Ken works early in the day. We will have ham, pasta, broccoli and applesauce.
Friday--Ken works late and I am headed out of town with the kids, so we will probably grab something from a drive-thru on the way out of town.
Saturday--The kids at I will be at Grandma's, so it will be up to her what we eat. Wouldn't mind some potato salad with NO ONIONS or my first yoogurt soup of the season....

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