Saturday, February 14, 2009

Random Picture Challenge

This week's challenge:

January 2007
or 13th picture folder
3rd picture

I can't seem to find any pictures from January 2007. I didn't have a very good camera at the time, so I probably didn't take a lot of pictures. So I had to go with the 3rd picture from my 13th folder. This actually turns out to be from Dec. 2007. This was Henry's first Christmas. I was trying to get a good picture for our Christmas card. Um....This wasn't one of them.

I remember packing away that outfit not too long ago. In fact, it seems just like yesterday. It was so tiny...and my little baby isn't so tiny anymore. Especially with the way he packs in the food . Two fists at a time!!! He has grown so much since then!!!

Head on over to Four Little Men & Girly Twins to play along.


  1. feelin' out the tree... too cute!


  2. They grow so fast. Cute picture!

  3. That outfit is really cute!! Gotta love Santa's helper! He is too cute!
    (My oldest son's name is Henry!)

  4. Getting a good Christmas card picture is about impossible I think! He is cute!

  5. Yeah, I recall taking so many pics myself that Christmas for the card, and ended up getting a good one at the very end...........Cute pic!

  6. I love when they feel the tree! too cute

  7. What a cutie...It's fun seeing random pictures.


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