Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Henry's 50 words

I keep hearing this statistic that all kids should know 50 words by the time they are 2. Henry is getting close to that age and I am starting to worry that he is drastically behind! Granted he is a boy and the second child, both of which do not bode well for his language development, but still...I am a mother. I worry.
Here is the list so far:
no (as is "nose")
ni-ni (as in "night night")
not nice (accompanied by a good finger shake)
OW! (quite useful for an active toddler)
kee-ka (for kitty)
oogy (for doggy)
*He says something for sissy/Frances but I can't really tell what it is or how to spell it

OK, I know I am forgetting some, so I will comeback to edit when I remember them. So far, this is a really sad list!

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  1. let me tell you, Robert was slower with his words than Mary seems to be so far. I was really worried and then all of a sudden he took off. :)


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