Monday, October 13, 2008

Holding my baby

We have been doing some cleaning and purging in the kids' room (and the rest of the house as well). We moved the ottoman out from in front of the glider and I decided to actually use it for a change. I nursed Henry and put him to bed and then Frances came up to me and said in her baby voice, "Rock me, Mama." How could I resist that?? So I pulled her up into my lap and held her and rocked her and sang to her the song that was on the CD player. We rocked and rocked and I gazed lovingly down into her face. Her little eyes were closed and her body was so relaxed. I said a little prayer of thanksgiving to God for my beautiful little girl and what a gift she is to me. Henry started to get a little restless with me still in the room, so I determined that it was time to put her in the bed. I carried her over and laid her gently on the bed. I pulled the covers up over her, brushed the hair off her face and gingerly kissed her forehead. Then I walked slowly out of the room and shut the door. I will admit to having a few tears in my eyes as I walked back out to the living room. And then just as I was about to sit down on the couch, I hear, "I CAN'T SEE!" Ken laughed and said he knew she had been faking, but I refused to believe it.

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