Sunday, October 26, 2008

Hess' Corn Maze

I planned a trip this year to Hess' Corn Maze for the teens at church. We had three other families come with us and they each brought a few extra kids along. Ken, Henry, Frances and I were able to stick together in a group to ourselves. The teens split up into their own groups and set out through the maze on their own. We went through the corn maze with varying degrees of success and then set off for the other fun things that they have there. There is a straw bale maze with different tunnels to crawl through. They have a cute wooden cow set up with udders that you can actually milk!

There are old fashioned water pumps with gutters that you can race ducks through (with a convenient "napping table" set up just behind it!)and

a great big slide built into the hill.

Did I mention the orchestra area? It has lots of metal objects suspended from a wooden board. You can bang on the objects and make up a song about whatever you choose!

P.S. Just as I turned the camera off, she added "and Grandma" to the end of her song. So don't worry Grandma, you were in the finale too, I just cut you off. Sorry!!


  1. I bet you're glad you don't have one of THEM contraptions in your house. Your daughter is bound to be in show biz. Seriously. She'll be a staaaaaaaaaaaar! And I'll play the background music...haha!

  2. Too cute!! I love the song and the instruments! We need to get a set of those for the center. You really can't beat the convenient napping table that they had set up there at Hess's:)


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