Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Giving Money to Sick People

Frances spent this past weekend with my parents while we were at Busch Gardens. As I was putting her to bed last night I was asking her about her trip. I asked her if she had gone to Children's Church while she was there and she said "no." Then she told me that they had prayed for her at church. I smiled at that thinking about how nice it was for that to comfort her. Here is the rest of the conversation:
FJ: But, I didn't get any money.
Me: OK, what? Who didn't give you any money?
FJ: Grandma's father didn't give me any money.
Me: Who didn't give you any money?
FJ: Grandma's father. Father Ken.
Me: Oh, you mean the priest? Why would he give you money?
FJ: He gave the sick people money at the end of church.
Me (starting to catch on): What did the money look like, Honey?
FJ: Like nickels.
Me: Oh. Well, Honey those weren't nickels. That was a pyx. Father was giving those people Holy Communion to take to sick people.
FJ: Oh.

And that was the end of the conversation. SO CUTE!

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