Sunday, October 5, 2008

Frances turns 5!!

My little baby has turned 5! I look back on the years and think about how quickly they have flown by. I bought the #5 candle for her cake and commented to myself that seemed like just last week that I bought the #1. (Of course then I remembered that it was just a few months ago that I did buy a #1 for Henry's birthday party!)

We went to church on Sunday morning. As soon as I parked the car Frances said, "Mommy, when you are five do get to have Communion?" She was disappointed that she would have to wait a few more years. ) On a side note: on the way to school Monday morning she wanted to hold a candle I had in the car. I heard her mumbling and asked her what she was doing. "Playing First Communion" was her reply!)

After church we came home and had lunch. Then she and Henry went to take "naps." I use the quotations because he slept, but she didn't. She faked it really well, though, and really, that's fine with me. We got a few last minutes ready for the party and then woke her up for a birthday phone call from her godmother in Honduras. Thanks for calling, Marylee!

The guests arrived and we had presents and cake. She is mostly excited because she can now chew gum! I think it was when she was about 3-1/2, she asked me for some gum. I told her at the time that she couldn't have gum until she was 5. She took that as gospel and told people that when they offered her gum. It seems like it was just a few weeks ago, but it was a year and a half; and now she can have gum! She went through about 10 pieces last night! She is very responsible about it-she knows to keep it in her mouth and throw it in the trash when she is done. We talked about places where you cannot chew gum (bed, car, school, church, etc) and she was fine with that. Ken and I are not regular gum chewers, so I feel certain that this will be a once in a while thing for her-but she sure feels grown up with it!
We had a great time with my parents, Ken's parents, my brother, John, and his wife, Jessica, my brother, Alan, and his pumpkin collection, Ken's brother, Dan, and his wife, Nikki, along with their daughter, Abby, and our friend Julie.

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  1. I am extremely upset that Frances is FIVE. I distinctly remember the first year at DYC where I creatively managed to hold her while Ken moved all of my stuff upstairs. And I just sat there. And played with her.

    And now she's five. Dangit.


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