Saturday, October 18, 2008

Frances rendition of the first part of Genesis

"God said let there be a moon and there was. God said let there be a sun and there was. God said let there be a lot of stuff and there was. God created a man and a woman they were the first people. God created a bear and a giraffe and they were the first creatures. All the animals had a girl. And there were mean people who would not share nothing. But there was the only man and other people god would save-Noah and his family. And they built...and God told them to build a big ark and they did-7ft tall and 80 inches big! And then Noah did. His brothers and his wife and everybody worked hard. Nobody gave them directions and then they went into the ark-it was the inches it had to be. "

She was "reading" the first couple of chapters of her bible. I thought it was quite amusing! I wonder how far she would have gotten if Henry hadn't woken up?!

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