Saturday, August 2, 2008


Well he must be feeling better...
Lunch time at home is so much fun!! Usually Henry eats the messy stuff at school or at dinner time (so he can go straight into the bath). Today I shared my ravioli with him for lunch. HE LOVES IT!! He loves the taste. He loves the texture. He loves the hair conditioning properties it apparently has (why else would he rub it vigorously onto his head?). He even loves it enough to take off his bib and rub it all over both sides of it.
I think next time I share my lunch it will be crackers and cheese!!

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  1. My youngest is two and while he isn't ready for a classy dinner party, he no longer mashes food into his face and hair between every bite. I had already forgotten what I have to look forward with baby on the way. Great photo!


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