Saturday, August 9, 2008

My first blog contest!!!

Dear Mom,
I love the new purse you bought me, but do you remember when I told you that I don't like big purses? I said that I end up putting way too much junk in them? Well, I cleaned it out this morning and it inspired me to create a contest.
All you readers out there-clean out your purses or pockets. Leave me a message here on my blog with either the entire contents you found or just the most unusual things in there-please let me know I am not alone in my "condition". I will use to pick a winner. The prize will be a Frances original story and drawing. You can even pick the theme. I will run this contest for a week to give infrequent viewers a chance to enter.

For the sake of full disclosure here is the list of what I found in my purse:

  • 6 jars of baby food (I just put them in there last night to carry them out of the car because the shopping bag had a hole in it.)
  • 2 lip gloss and one lip stick
  • 1 pair or real earrings that belong to my friend's daughter and one pair of dress up earrings that belong to my daughter
  • white out correction fluid
  • an air pump that I have been trying to leave at school to pump up our playground balls
  • hand sanitizer X 2
  • sample shampoo and conditioner
  • Tylenol
  • 2 scented lotions
  • sunscreen
  • a pair of scissors
  • a hair pick
  • a Hulk ring
  • baby spoon
  • mini soccer ball
  • a pair of socks
  • Polly Pocket toy
  • tampon and panty liner
  • wallet
  • 2 suckers and a mint
  • 87 cents
  • two pieces of mail from church
  • my cell phone
  • keys (4 sets)
  • wallet
  • two pens and a Sharpie marker
  • two hair ties
  • various coupons, receipts and other assorted trash.

Now I weigh 5 pounds less when I go out!!


  1. Alright, since no one else has done it yet...and my purse happens to be right next to goes:

    -keys (van, bassoon case, house) 2007 prom keychain, gym scan tag, and work badge attached to my very first DYC lanyard
    -wallet with many assorted things in it
    -camera in its case
    -cell phone
    -black pen
    -bank envelope with deposit receipt
    -pay stub
    -gum wrapper (x2)
    -piece of paper with a random phone number and a quote on it
    -Sheetz receipt
    -coupon for free Sheetz MTO coffee
    -Wal-Mart receipt for a Lunchable
    -Kohl's 15% off coupon that expires today
    -$10 Starbucks gift card
    -attempt at a To Do list
    -Fantastic Sam's coupons
    -purple pen
    -Tootsie pop
    -pack of gum
    -4 bobby pins
    -paper clip
    -huge cocktail ring
    -Hershey Kiss wrapper
    -5 cents
    -and there's a pad and tampon in the zipper pocket

    Time to throw away the junk.

  2. I found a few interesting things. Here are the highlights: gun, a matchbook, several used tissues, a pack of crayons from the kids' last kids meal, three hair bands, chapstick, and last week's grocery list.
    Jennifer P. in Hampton

  3. Fiddlesticks! I just cleaned mine out last week. Nothing in mine but my wallet and car keys. How boring!


  4. Okay, I will join in. Here goes:
    -expired JMU hangtag
    -08-09 county schools calendar
    -paint color sample from lowes
    -vera bradley fundraiser tickets
    -note pads
    -TONS of reciepts
    -shaw's jewelers ring inspection papers
    -office 2007 disk
    -chapstick and lipstick
    -two checkbooks
    -tithing envelopes for church
    -many many crayons
    -two usb keys
    -carseat thingy for the seatbelt
    -hair accessories for heather
    -screwdriver set
    -stick sunblock for the kids
    -1 Aleve
    -4 Tylenol
    -mary kay concealer (7 years old)i should throw it away shouldnt I
    -almost empty tube of MK foundation
    -cover girl pressed powder
    -hairclips for me
    -wallet thats loaded
    -several sets of keys (work, car, house, misc.)

    Thats more than enough...


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