Thursday, July 3, 2008

Thankful Thursdays

This has been a busy week and I have not been taking my laptop to school with me, so this post is a little bit late. I enjoy this chance to think back on my week and pick three things for which I am thankful. This week I am especially thankful for:
  • My freedom. This is a wonderful country that I am privileged to live in. We have so many choices that we are allowed to make. Granted, a lot of people make a lot of poor choices, but I would rather that, than to not have choices to make for myself.
  • My washer and dryer. I don't particularly enjoy laundry, but it needs to be done. We had a crisis last year right before Henry was born and we didn't have our dryer. I had to hang everything up in the basement. And it was all stiff because we don't use liquid fabric softener and so we didn't have it on hand. We bought a new dryer and use it on a daily basis. I have gotten very close on several occasions to being completely caught up on all the washing, but then someone gets sick or we go out of town. I have a three day weekend coming up and one of my goals is to get everything caught up. Cross your fingers for me!!
  • My blog. Some days I get sucked into the Internet and get lost for an hour or two. I enjoy reading other people's blogs and I enjoy posting on my own. I was really grateful this week when I wondered about the specific date that something had happened and I could look it up on my blog. I have never been good about diaries in the past, but this one seems to work for me. It also allows friends and family to keep track of us. It is a great place to post pictures so that everyone can watch our family as it grows.

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