Sunday, July 27, 2008

Saturday at the Park

We had some nice weather this weekend that was not too hot or too cold. After Henry sort of took a morning nap, he, Frances and I walked up to the playground at the church a block up the street. Frances pushed the stroller like a good big sister. She played on the big ship while Henry played in one of the tubes. He enjoyed the rocks quite a bit, and only tried to eat one of them!!
We left the playground to go home and get ready to pick up our Angel Food Order. If you have not tried this, yet-do it!! The food is great quality and very affordable. They aim to feed a family of four for one week for $30. We spread the food out and use other staples and we can make it last a whole month. We got a fresh fruit and vegetable box for $18. It included a seedless watermelon, a fresh pineapple (so juicy!), six potatoes, four oranges, two bunches of carrots, 6 ears of corn, and 4 onions. YUM!
After all the shopping and menu planning we decided to go out to eat! Pam had given me a gift certificate to Rack 'em, Smack 'em. It is a steak and rib place in Verona. The food was good and Henry enjoyed using the windowsill for his plate. We got back from dinner and decided to take a walk through the cemetery down the street. Frances got to chase a few bunnies-she is getting really good at it. After all that we put the kids to bed and went to bed ourselves. I love Saturdays when Ken gets off early!!

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