Saturday, July 5, 2008

Our Boston Friends

Tonight the Boston Appalachian Service Project (ASP) group showed up. They brought 93 teens and adults who are on their way to Lee County, Virginia for a week of service. The group stays overnight at our church on their way from Boston. We have traditionally hosted them with dinner, so several members of the parish provided side dishes and dessert. I grilled hot dogs and ordered pizza and BEHOLD! a feast.
This group has been staying at our parish for quite a few years and most of the adults have stayed consistent. Many of them remember Frances from when she was a baby and they all enjoyed seeing Henry again this year (he was only 4 weeks old last year!).
Frances entertained the group while we were waiting for a few more vans to show up. She got hold of the microphone and very sweetly sang "Twinkle, twinkle little star." The whole crowd got quiet to listen and then gave her a standing ovation. Then she sang "Baby Shark." A group of girls in the middle knew the actions and acted out the song with her. She had quite a good time showing off!!
A friend of mine borrowed my memory card for my camera, so no pictures just yet. When Chris emails me her pictures I will come back and add some in.

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