Tuesday, July 15, 2008

The curse of the older child

I feel like I post a lot of milestones for Henry because he is growing and changing so quickly. Tonight, though, Frances did something that is a real milestone for her. I realized that she has been buttoning her own pajama top all by herself for the past week! My advice to her was to start at the bottom and go up. It takes her a couple of minutes, but she gets it all done with no mis-matched buttons. Here is a picture of her with a mouthful of steak (it takes forever for her to chew it...we just go on about the evening). And yes, she is wearing long-sleeved flannel pajamas in July. She doesn't like to be covered up with a blanket and those are what she picked out.

Just for the record though, Henry now says "boo" but it sounds more like "buh." He also says "hi hi," "bye bye," "mama," and "dada." He uses sign language for "more" at meal times. He is trying to run even though he hasn't mastered walking. And he climbed into the bathtub by himself last night because he got tired of waiting for Frances' water to drain.

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