Wednesday, June 18, 2008

So Cool!!

Since it is summer time, Frances and I have been eating popsicles after dinner this week. Henry was staring me down a few days ago, so I jokingly gave him a lick. He usually doesn't like cold things, but apparently he LOVES popsicles. I was cutting up little pieces for him to eat, but that wasn't enough for him tonight. He reached out and took the whole popsicle. And actually ate it very well!! I took it away from him when he got to the stick and he threw a hissy fit! I had to cut up the rest into pieces and feed those to him too. I'm not sure about what the deal is with the smacking noises-he's been doing that all week. And yes, that is food all over his face. He fed himself burritos, fruit cocktail and mixed vegetables for dinner tonight. It wasn't pretty, but I sure was proud. He probably ate more than Frances!!

Last night Frances generously shared her popsicle with him. She tried to share again tonight, but I had just given him a bath, so she couldn't.

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