Sunday, June 29, 2008

Julie's wedding

This weekend Frances and I were honored to participate in our friend Julie's wedding to Chris. Frances was the flower girl and I was a bridesmaid. She did an AWESOME job. We started the wedding weekend out with Frances' first manicure. She picked a sparkly yellow color to match her flower girl dress. She enjoyed being a "big girl" and getting her nails done. She sat remarkably still for the whole experience. It is worth $5 to take her for a manicure every Saturday morning, so she will sit still and I could read a book!! Hmmm....

After the manicure, we went to a tea party downtown. Frances picked out a very pretty flower cup. We had a delicious salad, chicken sandwiches, squash soup (that I really did eat-in front of witnesses, mom!), and scones and hot tea for dessert. She was quite the little lady throughout, and all the other women commented on how well she behaved. She made me very proud.

We had to go shoe shopping after the tea party, because as it turns out Frances' shoes were three sizes too small! Oops! She is quite glad to have new Disney Princess sandals and I am glad that her size was on sale for $9!!

We picked up Henry from Day Care and then picked up Ken at home to go to the rehearsal and dinner. Afterwards, Frances and Henry both passed out from a long day. I took care of a last few wedding details and collected my stuff for Saturday morning.
My Henry alarm went off at 5:30 on Saturday morning and after a shower for me and a bath for Frances, we headed over to the hotel to get ready. We got our hair and makeup done and the headed over to the church. I actually remembered to get myself in a photo, so I can remember what I look like all cleaned up! Frances is a bit pouty because she burned her leg on a curling iron at the hotel, but one Care Bears band-aid later, she was a happy camper again.

Obviously, I didn't have a way to hold the camera during the ceremony, but I did get a shot of Frances afterwards standing on the altar. Sorry about the strange expression. She doesn't like to pose for pictures without hamming it up.

After the wedding, Frances got her first Limo ride (and Mommy's first one as well). She was quite excited with a big grin on her face the whole time. She danced throughout the whole reception. I'll get the videos up later. Henry enjoyed the music as well and tried to crawl onto the dance floor several times. We left the reception at about 6:30 and headed home. Here is my little Princess after a 12 hour day!

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  1. So sweet!!!! Love the pictures - she's a dollface! My kids are in a wedding in 17 days - all four of them - I can only hope it goes as well!


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