Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Resurrection Eggs

I bought a set of Resurrection Eggs for Frances and took them to school yesterday. The kids were really excited to see them and they wanted to know what kind of candy was inside. We went through the whole set and talked about each item. We talked about how Jesus prayed and how He went through all of that because He loves us so much. We also talked about "sin" meaning "doing things that make God sad." Later Pam asked me if I thought the kids "got it." I told her that I thought some of them did.
Last night when we got home, Henry was screaming and I was trying to make dinner, empty the dishwasher and feed Henry all at the same time. Frances was in the kitchen with me coloring on a box of Tuna Helper. All of a sudden she got up and said she wanted to go talk to God. I said okay and she left the room. I heard her in the living room, talking; but it was too noisy in the kitchen to understand what she was saying (besides the fact that it was a private conversation). Then she came back in the kitchen and told me, "I told Jesus all about my sins. He took them from me." She held out her hands and said, "See! No sins! I folder my hands and prayed."
Later at dinner we were talking about her day. I mentioned that she had gotten in trouble at nap time. She then proceeded to tell her Daddy that "It's okay though, 'cause Jesus took my sins." Neither of us knew quite what to say.

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  1. Alright, Rabia. That just about made me bawl my eyes out. Frances is pretty much amazing, and she's grasped faith and Jesus better than many people...and she's not even five yet.


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