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This blog started way back in 2007 at Christmas time.  I was overwhelmed with things to do, but actively procrastinating, so I started a blog.  At the time I had two kids (4 and 6 months) and I was working in a day care/preschool.

Since that time, we've added another kid, I've changed jobs (twice) and Ken has gotten a management level promotion at work.

This blog started as an easy way for me to easily share pictures with my mom and extended family. It has evolved into a great place to store memories and pictures of our family's history. I use it to look things up that I have (gasp!) forgotten about or just to reminisce.  I hope someday to make it into a coffee table style book that we can physically hold on to, but we don't have a coffee table right now, so I am not in a real hurry.

If you want to know more about me, just ask! I'm an open book.  Sometimes I have to remind myself to shut up!  You can read about my love language, my bucket list, some things I've never done how to pronounce my name (and where it came from), a list of random facts about me, and read more about (or buy) the book I co-authored
Some of my favorite posts are the one about how God takes care of me through other people, the ways my daughter makes me proud, this comparison of groundhogs and mothers, and my kids' excuses for delaying bedtime.

Thanks for stopping by. I hope you enjoy your visit.  Feel free to leave a comment or add me to your blog roll.

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  1. Hi,
    I can't seem to get your Twitter Icon to work.
    Janis @authorjaniscox

  2. Dear Rabia,
    I've found your blog thanks to 'Blogtober' and I really love the pictures of your family - you all look so happy and the children look so sweet in their costumes and their dark glasses!

    You are so much more experienced than I am as a Blogger - I would be so thrilled if I am able to carry on with my blog as you have done with yours.

    With very best wishes,
    Lady Liberty

    1. Thanks Lady Liberty! I enjoyed checking out your blog as well!

  3. Hello,
    I'm a fellow SITStah stopping by to say Hi! I love your page. The pictures give such a great sense of your love for your family. I certainly can't wait to read more from you. :)

  4. HI

    Just can't seem to get your google+ icon to work as I wanted to follow you there

    1. It's working for me, Carol, but I followed you so you can find me more easily now! :)


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