Friday, July 6, 2018

Your Civic Duty

In high school we had a government class taught by a fun guy who loved the United States! He was very animated and literally jumped around the room while explaining things to us. He took his classes on a field trip to the inauguration every four years. He drilled current events into us and very obviously loved everything about his chosen subject matter.

I was not a great social studies student. History never stuck with me. I couldn't remember dates and which people went with which era in history. I wasn't good at memorizing states and countries and their capitals. I often struggled with which remembering governmental hierarchies. I had a very broad, general idea about how things worked, and that was it.

I started voting when I turned 18 because that's what you were supposed to do. At the time, I only voted in presidential elections, but I have since tried to vote in all local and state elections as well. I've done some research and prayed about my decisions. I've tried to take a more active role in selecting our country's governance. (But I still don't like "talking politics")

One part of government I've actually wanted to participate in is jury duty. I know most people seem to dread serving for jury duty, but I've always thought it would be kinda fun. Is it because I'm a nosy person? Is it because I like watching court dramas on TV? Is it because I'm just weird? Who knows!? I just think it would be fun to sit on a jury.

Now I should clarify, I don't want to hear the grisly details in a murder trial. I don't think I'd be able to sleep after that. Actually, any sort of violent crime would be too much for me. And I wouldn't want some convict coming after my family for putting him away. Does that happen in real life or just my books?

Maybe a lower profile case would be boring. Maybe that's why most people dread being called for jury duty. That mostly makes sense. I may end up bored too, but I still think I'd like to try it.

I almost went to court once. Ken and the kids and I were on our way somewhere in two separate vehicles when we witnessed a vehicle accident. The guy behind me sped around me, through a red light at an intersection, across a few yards, and hit another vehicle before driving off. I called 911 and talked to dispatch. We were on our way somewhere important, but dispatch said I could leave, so I went with the kids and Ken stayed behind to help sort things out.

He and I both eventually got called as witnesses by the prosecution and defense. I was nervous talking to them, especially because of the time between the incident and when they finally called me. I went through all the steps at work to have time off to go to court. I wrote down my statement so I could remember things better. The case got continued twice and then I think think the guy made a plea deal, because they never ended up calling us to testify. That's as close to court as I've ever gotten, but I was ready to do my civic duty!

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