Thursday, January 18, 2018

My Positive Qualities #reflect52

I'm late! This is supposed to be a Wednesday prompt and here it is Thursday already. Wait? It is Thursday, right? Monday was a day off for me and the kids. Tuesday was the day I had to get everyone up on my own because Ken works early. Then we had the fire drill at work and I didn't get any work done. And Wednesday was when I had my doctor's appointment, and the kids had no school because of weather, and we had another fire drill. That makes today Thursday, right? Whew! I'm worn out!!

So now I'm frazzled about a crazy week, and I'm a day late with my prompt, and I have to think of nice things to say about myself?! What gives!!

1. I'm pretty easy going. I get stressed (if you haven't noticed) but I try not to panic too much. Things are going to change. Things are going to go wrong. On Saturday, I was proctoring tests for the  College of Education. About 20 minutes after we started signing people in, 20 of the computers just shut down! They were in the middle of the test and they just shut down. That's not good! My partner called tech support and got the solution underway. We reassured everyone that it would be okay. Thankfully, the students seemed fairly calm themselves and we didn't have any breakdowns. That may not have been the case if those in charge had panicked.

2. I am kind. I try to think of others and how they are feeling. I do my best to make sure the people I interact with come away from it with a positive feeling.

3. I like to laugh. I'm good at being silly and telling dumb jokes. I don't take things too seriously most of the time. Life is better when you're laughing!

4. I'm good at crafts. I enjoy working with my hands and creating projects. I especially love doing craft stuff with kids and just letting kids explore different materials.

That was a good brain stretch. It seems weird to think nice thoughts about yourself, and even more weird to write them down for public consumption. I guess it's something we should all do from time to time. A little introspection is good for the soul.

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