Thursday, January 4, 2018

My Christmas Shoes #Reflect52

I'm participating in a reflection project for 2018. I thought it would be a good way for me to explore a number of different topics, take stock of my gratitude, and hopefully get me writing again. As usual, I'll probably not always do the prompt exactly as written, but I'm just a rule-breaker like that. (Not really. I like rules and generally try to follow them.)

We had a good Christmas. We celebrated at home together on Christmas day and exchanged presents between ourselves. We went to Mass together and had a nice dinner. It was a pretty relaxing day. The kids got to play with new presents and I even got to read a book!

Ken worked on the day after Christmas, but it was an early shift, so he was home by 10. We packed up the van and headed down to visit my parents for a few days.
When I say "packed" I really mean it!
We had our second Christmas at my parents' house with my younger brother and his girlfriend as well.

I got a pair of ballet shoes.

They made me laugh. My parents haven't bought me ballet shoes in 30 years. Because I haven't take ballet in 30 years! But I signed up for an adult ballet class in August and really enjoyed it. And this is my parents encouraging me to keep at it.

The class is labelled as "fun and fitness." It's a good thing they don't mention grace or coordination, because I have neither of those. But it is fun and I did get a good workout from it.
I borrowed shoes from Frances last semester.

I had debated signing up again this semester. I am having the kids take a step back from some of the extra-curriculars because life had gotten a little crazy (and so had behavior, so of course I correlated the two). The class is on a night when Ken works, so it means the kids are home on their own. But Frances is 14 now and they are responsible enough to handle that. The class is only an hour, including drive time.

It's not necessarily a New Year's Resolution, but I have made a commitment recently to make sure I take care of myself. I can't be a good mom if I don't. So I'm signing up for semester 2 of ballet. We'll see if I get any more graceful this time around.

What do you enjoy doing that you need to make more time for in this new year?

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