Friday, July 21, 2017

The Parable of the Airplane

Imagine a guy wants to build an airplane. He's studied airplanes and worked with quite a few in his lifetime. He sets out to make the designs. He talks to other people: people who have flown in airplanes, people who have designed airplanes, people who just like airplanes. He gets his drawings all finished and sits on them for a bit just to make sure. Then he builds his plane.

He puts in some long hours building. He tries to make sure he's got the right kind of materials and they go together just the way he planned. He's still asking the experts for second opinions. He gets the airplane built and he sits back to look at it from all angles. It looks pretty good. He thinks he's done a great job with this airplane. One last thing to do: test it out.

He tows his airplane out to the beach. He drives it to the end of the pier and nudges it off into the water. It sinks.

I told my kids this story last night and they looked at me like I was crazy. Why would this guy take all his hard work and just set the airplane out into the water?

That's a good question kids, I'm glad you asked!!

I spent a good deal of time creating a plan for our evenings. They have been much too chaotic with far too much yelling and crying. I talked to counselors, teachers, college educators, parents, and friends. I designed a plan that I really think will make our evenings more peaceful. It's a plan meant to work for all of us. It's not meant to be hard, or punitive, or skewed in my benefit. It truly is a plan to give all of us a more peaceful evening. But y'all keep driving the plane into the ocean!!

I figured Jesus speaks to us in parables, maybe one would work for me.

Survey says: MAYBE!

I really did put a lot of work into my new plan. Wanna see it? I'm still open to suggestions.

We get home between 5:15 and 5:45 on weeknights. I walk in to cook dinner and the kids each have two chores to do; one quick and easy, one a little more work. I aim to have dinner on the table by 6 so we can eat. After dinner, they help clear up and are allowed screen time until 7. At 7, all screens are off and everyone gets into pajamas. Then we can have family time: puzzles, books, card games, board games, snuggle time, taking a walk (we can put off pajamas for a walk if they want to), etc. At 8 the kids get into bed and have quiet reading time until their designated bedtime: 9 for Frances, 8:45 for Henry, and 8:30 for Ben.

I just want to note that getting into bed at 8 and having time to read is NOT the issue they have with this schedule. They actually like this part. The part where they get mad is that they have to do chores before dinner or do them after and lose screen time. Or that they goof around at the table and take more than an hour to eat. Seriously, dinner is frequently more than an hour!! I don't want them to scarf down their food and run off, but there's no reason for eating to take as long as it does. Ken and I usually eat our meal, have seconds, and chat within a 30 minute time frame!

We're on our third week of the plan, but the first week with all three kids together (because of camps). I still think it will work. They are still trying to float an airplane. Any thoughts? Be honest! I won't get mad!!

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