Thursday, April 14, 2016

L: Lists #AtoZChallenge

This morning on the way to school, I told Frances I needed to make a blog post about something that started with the letter L. She spent the rest of the ride listing L words. It was quite amusing. Here are some of her ideas:

  • Llamas? I have a really great llama joke, actually. Ken loves it so much, he leaves the room every time I bring it up! Here goes:
    • "Would you like to go visit some llamas with me? Alpaca bag for you!"
  • Letters? I'm not sure if she meant letters like letters of the alphabet (which I'm already blogging about for the whole month) or letters like you write to people. Yesterday the kids got a letter from my parents. They were very excited to open it. They all gathered around the couch and tore open the envelope. Inside were a bunch of pre-addressed, stamped post cards so my kids can write letters to their grandparents. LOL! They didn't know what to think at first, but I know they'll have fun sending stuff. We got the hint dad!
  • Lollipops? I had to dig through a pile of lollipops last night to find the chocolate the kids had hidden at the bottom of the candy basket. I must have burned enough calories for three peanut butter cups, right? I hope so, because that's how many I had!
    Also, check out this video of a street artist and his lollipop talent:
  • Love? I'm surrounded by lots of love. I feel like I already write about that a lot. But if I haven't already told you today, I love you. Thanks for stopping by and reading my posts that make no sense.
  • Libraries? I work in one. So do my dad and brother. There's a lot of love for books in my family! It's saved me a lot of money too, since I can check things out instead of buying them.
  • Lunch? Well, not quite yet. It was barely breakfast time when we had this conversation. I did remind her to take her lunch out of the van this morning. Yesterday she left it and it was quite disgusting by the end of the day! Yuck!!
  • Later! That's what she yelled as she got out of the van. Not really. She just said, "Bye, Mommy! See you this afternoon." but that doesn't start with L, so I had to make an editorial decision.

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