Friday, April 8, 2016

G: Genies #AtoZBlogging

Happy Friday! Today's another Double Challenge Day and I have a special assignment! I get to be a genie and grant wishes! This is so perfect for me, because Genie starts with G which is today's assigned letter! (Did you do that on purpose, Karen??) And also because I love making other people happy.

Specifically, my assignment from The Bergham Chronicles is "If you could be a genie for one day, and your assignment was to grant three wishes each, for any four people you wanted...which four people would you give three wishes to? Feel free to tell us why you chose those people."

Not only do I get to give out wishes, I get to give out TWELVE wishes!! How awesome is that?!?

Here we go:

First, I would dole out some love on my parents. Can they count as one person? If I could grant them three wishes, they would get:
  • A trip to Alaska to visit my mom's family. I know she misses them being out here on the East Coast. It's been such a long time since she has been able to see her hometown or any of her siblings. 
  • New library shelving in my dad's office. If he could have some storage-optimized compact shelving, maybe my mom wouldn't give him the stink-eye for buying so many books!
  •  Lastly, since I'm using my imagination, I'd give my parents a Narnia wardrobe, so they could step in and travel here to visit the grand kids any time they wanted to. I could even send my kids down for a quick visit. Two hours isn't a bad drive, but it isn't something we can do every week.
Next, I would bestow some wishes upon my Julie. Did you read about how awesome she is? She has to be on my list. It's hard to think of what to give her though because she's already so darn happy with what she's got!
  • A weekly massage appointment to give her a chance to relax and feel good. It's hard teaching pre-school all day and then coming home to your own kids!
  • More time with her hubby. He works long hours out of town and their time off rarely coincides with each other. A standing date night with no other obligations is in order here.
  • Lastly, I'd remove that one last hurdle she's worried about. She's got big dreams and one thing standing in her way. It's not my story to tell, but suffice it to say, I'd get rid of that hurdle for her so she can focus on making the world a better place!
This one is less specific. There are a lot of hurting families in my town. Families burdened by financial worries, job worries, educational worries, and more. I'd use my genie powers to pick one out and get them set up with a few accommodations.
  • A new house, fully paid for that meets their needs. It doesn't have to be fancy. Just a place they know they can stay forever. A place that isn't falling apart or governed by an uncaring landlord.
  • Grocery delivery for a year. Living paycheck to paycheck is hard when you have little mouths to feed. These groceries would be delivered once a week for a whole year so that this family could get back on their feet and be healthy.
  • Reliable transportation. It's hard to find a good job, especially when you don't have a way to get to one. A new car can be a huge help for a struggling family. This one comes with a year's supply of gas too!

Lastly, I would grant four wishes to my husband. I am hoping you won't accuse me of nepotism here. Yes, I understand that these wishes might also count for myself, but that wasn't specifically disallowed and he shouldn't get left out just because I'm the genie. Ken deserves:
  • A new truck, spec'ed out just the way he wants it. He's spent his "truck money" on too many things lately. He's put off his dream for our family's needs and if I've got wishes to spare, he's getting a new truck.
  • A new house! You knew that was coming, right? We need an extra bathroom. It's gotten really difficult trying to get five people ready every morning with only one.
  • An all-expenses paid hunting trip. He never gets the time off from work to do what he wants. I would love to grant him a trip where he could go and live out one of his dreams.
What wish would you grant? And to whom??

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