Tuesday, April 5, 2016

D: Day in the Life #AtoZChallenge

Today is a double challenge day! I was worried about a few of these, but I think I've gotten them figured out. Since today is the first Tuesday of the month, it's time for Tuesday Ten, but it's also Day 4 of the Blogging A to Z Challenge which is the letter D.

I had thought about doing a Day in the Life type post, but I also needed it to fit into a list of ten. So instead of just one day, I've got:

10 Things I do Every Day

  1. Wake up! Thank God! Really!! Thank God I have woken up every single day of my life so far. It is such a blessing to be alive!
  2. Pray. I'd like to be in a better habit of praying before i get out of bed, but I'm not there yet. We do pray at dinner and bedtime every night, though, so I've got that covered. And there are usually a few moments throughout the day that call for a quick, spontaneous expression of thanks or plea for help.
  3. Check my email. I've tried to skip a day, but I'm not very good at it. With things so easily available on my phone, it's hard to not take a little peek. I don't always respond to emails though.
  4. Eat. Some days better than others. I try to eat healthy most days, but sometimes those nachos just call my name!!
  5. Hug somebody. Whether it be my kids or husband, one of my students, or even the cat; a day without hugs is a sad day!
  6. Laugh. OK, maybe there have been a few days when I haven't laughed, but I certainly try to crack a smile at least once a day.
  7. Some days are funnier than others!
  8. Say, "Why is this sticky?" Being a mom, there are a lot of things I wonder on a daily basis that I never expected to. Finding stray, sticky objects around the house is one of them!
  9. Lose things. I apologize all the time to my dear husband, but I am a bit scatterbrained. I lose my keys or my phone pretty regularly. The sad thing is that half the time they end up being right where I'm looking, I just can't find them!
  10. Clean something. Not a lot or anything, LOL! I clean myself, or I clean some dishes, or a maybe a little laundry. I can't think of the last day I didn't clean something around the house or in my van.
  11. Sleep. Quite possibly my favorite part of the day! I love to sleep. I definitely do it every day. If not, you don't want to be around me!

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