Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Lately? Lots of Laughter

I went in to wake up Benjamin on Monday after the time change and I didn't have high hopes. He doesn't like getting out of bed. I climbed into bed with him and starting rubbing his back.

"Stop it, Mommy! You're making me meditate!" he giggled.

I have no idea what he's talking about, but he's said it more than once and all three kids crack up about it. They tell me it's from "The Good Dinosaur" but I don't remember a relevant scene, unless they are talking about the Pixar short from beforehand.

We've been laughing a lot lately. Like when Frances asked me what extra-virgin olive oil was. She said it must not have seeds in it. I was somewhat afraid to ask how she came to that conclusion, but she explained that virgins can't have babies, so the olives must not have seeds. Makes sense, right?

The kids don't usually like my jokes. They roll their eyes at most of my humor. We were talking about llamas for some reason one night.

"Do you want to go see some llamas?" I asked. "Alpaca bag for you."  (Say it out loud. You probably still won't laugh, though.)

This one got a few laughs, but mostly because of the bad language. You know they tried repeating it later!


Speaking of language, we went to a dog show over the weekend because my brother and sister-in-law were in town for it. They breed mastiffs and were having a breeders club meeting after the show. I wanted to prepare the kids for what they might see and hear, so I informed them that a female dog is called a bitch.

Guess how many people we heard using that term at the dog show. One
Guess who it was. Yep. Benjamin. He loudly announced over and over that a female dog is called a bitch. Of course, no one there batted an eye, but he thought he was funny.

We also met my dad on Saturday. He came up for my birthday, but also to visit the Green Valley Book Fair, a local book re-seller. He has a tradition of giving the kids a gift certificate for the book fair in the amount of their age each year for their birthday. When we met up with him,, he handed me an envelope.

"Is it $29?" I asked, laughing. He didn't respond. He just waited until I opened it. I laughed when I saw that it was $25. I told him he was cute. (I just turned 38.)

We did our shopping and headed for the checkouts. The cashier rang up my books and announced my total: $32.71. Now it wasn't cute anymore, it was cheap! He laughed as I paid for the rest of my own books.

I can't leave Ken out of all the hysterics, can I? Last night at dinner, Benjamin said he wanted to do "cherries and pits." It's a conversation starter where each person names a good thing (cherry) and a bad thing (pit) about their day. Benjamin started and listed his: cauliflower with dinner, good; rain for recess, bad.

When it was Ken's turn, he listed his cherry and then announced, "My pit is a hole I dug in the yard." The kids laugh hysterically at that, but not my alpaca joke. Go back and read that one again. I've found that it gets more funny (to me) each time I say it!

One last funny from the weekend: We stopped at Burger King for lunch after the Book Fair. As I was waiting for our order, I noticed these shamrocks on the pillar. Someone was having a bit of a laugh!

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What funny things have been going on in your neck of the woods? Tell me something to make me laugh in the comments.

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