Wednesday, January 20, 2016

7 Inventions I am Eagerly Awaiting

Necessity if the mother of invention, right? Well motherhood is the impetus behind the necessity. With my 12 years of motherhood experience, I have come up with a few good ideas that just haven't come to fruition yet. I'm not really capable of putting together any prototypes myself, so maybe I'll just throw them out here and someone else can do all the hard work. Just give me a free sample when you're done, though!!


Firstly, I know this seems like a dumb problem to complain about, but my kids can't hear each other in the van. I'm not sure if it's outside noise, or the fact that they are facing away from each other, but there is always some sort of argument about someone asking a question and getting "ignored." It happens to me too. Frances sits in the farthest back seat and when I drive her to school it's hard to have a conversation with her because she can't hear me and I can't hear her. I'd like an intercom system next to each seat so we can talk to each other with shouting and repeating ourselves.

To go along with that, there are times when they are loud and I don't want to listen. For these times, I'd like a glass screen that can slide up and down similar to what fancy limos have. Or so I've heard. I've never ridden in a limo. I just think it would be nice to be able to tune out the back seat conversations, or even talk to my husband with out the kids listening in.

Finally, the last on-the-go item I need is some sort of pulley system that connects the front seats to the back ones. Does Frances need a...piece of gum...OK fine...her Happy Meal?! No problem, I'll just attach it to the clip and the motorized track that runs from front to back will deliver it, instead of me just tossing it back there. Think of how many French fries this will save! Think of the French fries!!


There are times when this fast-paced world of ours really gets to me and I need a break. Then there are times when I wish we were all connected at the touch of a button. I'd like for my kids to wear a watch-like device capable of receiving short messages like, "Get out of bed!" "You have soccer practice today!" or "Where did you put my hair brush?" The kids can respond with a brief message back and we can all go on with our day. This device is only used to contact mom or dad. It doesn't play games or music. It's just for those last minute thoughts I have as soon as I drop them off for school!

Apple has come out with some great improvements to their iPhone, but still not the one I need most: "answer on speaker." There are lots of times when I have a call come in and I need to be hands-free: driving, typing, showering, etc. When the phone rings I need one simple button that allows me to answer the call and have it automatically be in speaker mode. That split second that it takes the speakerphone to engage has created many awkward conversations for me. If I wait until it's engaged to say hello, the person thinks the call has been disconnected. If I say "hello" right away the caller can't always hear me, or else they start talking before I can hear them. Maybe I just communicate with a lot of impatient people, but I'm really counting on Apple to take care of this one soon.

Tweet: What mom-ventions are you waiting for? via @MamaRabia
Tweet this: What mom-ventions are you waiting for? via @MamaRabia


Sometimes my kids are so sweet! They put their arms around each other at random moments, or grab an extra spoon in the morning for breakfast cereal. I often with I could capture those moments on camera, just for me. Alas, I have two hams and an ice cube when it comes to cameras. My older two see me start to take a picture and they can't help but start performing. And the youngest just shuts down. Sure, I can get a cute shot every once in a while, but 90% of their cuteness can never be immortalized. BUT! What if I had a tiny glasses-mounted camera that captured images on voice command?? I could walk into a room and saw "awww" and they would automatically trigger the camera to take a picture! And of course it would be automatically uploaded to the cloud. Then someday, when I figure out what "the cloud" is, I can see all the images!

On the other hand, my kids can be real snots too. Like when Benjamin pours himself a full glass of milk every night at dinner. We tell him not to pour so much, and he whines and insists that he'll drink it all. And every night we end up pouring out half a glass of milk. I need some sort of big brother camera system in the house to record and categorize these types of things. "You're going to drink all that milk? Well let's just check the recap!" This invention would, of course, be password protected. I wouldn't want my kids reminding me that I had promised to take them to the park!!

Who knows? Maybe 2016 is my year. Some creative entrepreneur is reading this right now and getting ready to create on or all of my ideas. Remember, I don't need credit, but a free sample would be nice!

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