Monday, December 14, 2015

Family Weekend

Two of my co-workers went to the beach this past weekend. One was celebrating a birthday and one was celebrating a wedding anniversary. Both had gorgeous weather while they were there. I had joked with them about not inviting me along, but ultimately, my weekend turned out quite well anyway.

My mom and dad came to visit. It was one of those "just for the heck of it" visits. Those are nice because you don't have tons of places you have to be at pre-appointed times. You can just spend time together enjoying each other's company.

We met at the Green Valley Book Fair on Saturday morning. Santa was there and a woman was doing face painting too. Benjamin was  not a fan of Santa, but he eventually warmed up to having his face painted. It might have been from watching how brave I was!

After the Book Fair, we went to a local taco truck and had lunch. Yum! That fueled us up enough to go home and get some serious work done. While the kids played outside (coatless in short-sleeves!) My mom and I swapped dressers for Benjamin, purged a ton of toys, rearranged their show cabinet, removed the rest of Frances' stuff from their room, and cleaned out under the bed.

My mom matched up almost all the socks in the sock basket while I cooked dinner. Let me say that again: My mom matched up almost all the socks in the sock basket!!! I was floored. the kids don't even have room to put away all their socks! Plus she took out all the baby socks and boring white ones no one wears and she'll donate them to charity for me.

After dinner, my mom cleaned up the kitchen while I got the kids in the bath and to bed. I was clearly exhausted, but I stayed up to fold some more laundry and hem a scarf for my mom.

Sunday morning was the regular routine of Mass, Sunday school and grocery store. Then Frances had a violin recital at a local pizza place. It was crowded and we didn't have good seats, but I could hear the music very well and it sounded just beautiful! I'm in awe of what amazing music she can make.

We finished the night with a screaming card game fight, Benjamin schooling my dad at Mancala and some take-out Chinese food. All in all a good weekend! How about yours?

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