Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Just the Regular Chaos

When I made out my calendar of posts at the beginning of the month, I thought it would be fun to do a photo recap for today. Then I got an email from Lisa stating that today's words for the One Word Linkup were "chaos" and "spooky."

I thought to myself, "How can I show photos from the month and talk about chaos at the same time??" Just kidding!! It seemed like a match made in heaven!! So here is a photographic recap of the chaos of October.

The month started out with a review of soccer items that I couldn't get done because it wouldn't stop raining! Here, Henry was trying to look mean. I didn't have the heart to tell him it didn't work!
Then I got to try out a fun new game! It's called "I Have a Word." The game picks a random word and tells you how many letters the word has. You have to figure out the word by narrowing down your choices alphabetically.  Each time you guess a word, the game will tell you if the target word comes before or after it in ABC order. The second time I played, I was right with the word "wrong!" You can't make this stuff up!! It's a fun game, and only 99c. If you want to check it out, click here. (I got my copy for free to try it out, I don't get anything else for telling you that it's a fun game!)

The first Friday of October, Frances had to get a booster shot, so I took her in and she worked on her cross stitch saint that she's trying out. I also ended up getting all three kids their flu mist that day too. Benjamin could have done with a bit more warning, but such is life!

We have these letters that are supposed to spell LOVE on our wall in the living room. The "V" fell down behind the couch and I haven't pulled it out to retrieve it yet. My brother, John, decided to add a little Mexican flavor to our wall by rearranging the remaining letters. 
I've been kinda tired. Like this morning that I accidentally put my toothbrush back in the wrong place while getting ready for work. I actually did this on two different mornings. I just didn't photograph the other one! Glad I didn't try to fix my hair with it later!
Ken is still dealing with repercussions from his dislocated shoulder. He's been going to physical therapy twice a week. He's been doing really well, but still not getting back the strength and mobility like he wants. He's hoping to be cleared for work early in November, but I'm not sure he's ready. I'm also not sure that there's not another issue compounding his recovery. We'll be discussing an MRI at his next appointment.
My dad and I were texting about Frances' newfound ability to write in Arabic. I asked him to translate, but he said her handwriting is awful. Then my father told me to "shut the f up and go to sleep."  I almost died laughing!!
Speaking of my father, we went to visit him as a surprise for his birthday. Henry wanted to explore the garden and see about a late harvest.
 Then we drove over to my brother's house and visited his chickens. Aren't they handsome??
My daddy and I are palindromes: He's 73 and I'm 37. I told him I was going to reverse the candles and steal his cake!!
After a lot of driving to visit my dad, we got home and didn't have any milk. I set out for a "quick run to the grocery store" and came upon this street closure. Because of a set of one-way streets in this area, my trip was tripled in time, but I still made it to the store.
And I found this great deal on turkey sticks for the kids' lunches. They love these things so I bought an embarrassing amount and stashed them in the freezer!
And then, of course, it was school lunch week and we ended up eating lunch with the boys at school. Henry got this hummus cup he's been so excited about.
 He was more excited to have mommy and daddy eat lunch with him, though. :)
I've got a fun project coming up in November and this is my photographic proof that I didn't start it at the last minute. I might finish it at the last minute, but I started ahead of time and that's what counts, right!?!
 We had our first frosty morning a few weeks ago. Ugh! I hate cold weather!
This is Henry trying to figure out how to take pictures and play games on a flip phone. He acts like it's Ice Age technology!!
ESPN's Game Day broadcast came to my university for our Homecoming game. It was pure excitement and I don't even care about football!!  Go Dukes!!
I spent most of last weekend working on some sewing projects. Henry has a new headpiece and floppy ears. Can you guess who he'll be??
 Benjamin's costume isn't quite ready yet, but I've got his makeup figured out!!
I didn't get a picture of FJ's costume, but I did make her some new curtains for her room. They are burlap with purple designs painted on them. I love them and they were pretty simple to make!
The month started out with rain and is finishing up with rain. This is the THIRD broken umbrella I've brought to work with me this month! Argh!!
I just hope it clears up before Saturday so we can go candy collecting!

How chaotic has your month been!?!


This post was part of the One Word Blog Linkup hosted by Lisa at The Golden Spoons and Janine of Confessions of a Mommyaholic! This week, the word prompt choices were Chaos and Spooky. 

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