Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Goals Update: September

I promised myself I would get back on this blogging horse for October, and so far I've done pretty well. I filled out my whole calendar and everything. And then I lost it. And panicked. And found it again. Phew! So much emotion in the first week of the month!!

I made some resolutions way back in January. I've made some good progress on some. Others? Not so much! I've got three months left in this year and I want to challenge myself to keep on task with reaching my goals. At this point, I think I also need to give up on a few. Not because they aren't good goals, but because they aren't goals that work for me right now.

Here's a recap of all my goals with an update of how I'm doing:

1. 28,000 steps per week-I'm not sure if I'm reaching that goal or not. I think it's a good goal and I am determined to get more activity into my life, but I don't have a good tracking device for the moment, so I'm going to table this goal for a while.

2. Save $100 per month-I've met this goal and then used the money a few times. I'm still committed to saving money and I have hope that I'll reach my $1200 goal by the end of the year. I'm just not going to blow it out of the water like I had originally thought!

3. Lose weight-Specifically my goal was to hit the 123-125 range and I've managed to do that. I hit quite a plateau for a few months and I started to rethink this one, but I managed to get pact it. Now my pants fit better and I feel more comfortable.

4. Monthly date night-Has not worked out like I thought! Ken and I have certainly been spending more time together, since he's been unable to work, but we haven't really had any good dates. Part of it's money and part of it's time. I still think this is a good goal to strive for though.

5. New prayers-This didn't work out exactly the way I thought it might, but the kids have been using a wider variety of prayers throughout the day and I guess that's the whole point. I bought a variety of these prayer cubes and the kids really like them. We take turns using them at dinner and at meals.

6. Non-fiction reading-FAIL! I don't think I've read any non-fiction this year at all. First of all reading is tough in general because I don't have a lot of time for it. Secondly, when I do have time to read, I don't really feel like picking up non-fiction.

7. Stop yelling-I think I've made a lot of progress on this one. I still yell on occasion, but nowhere near as much as I feel like I used to. I adjusted my attitudes and expectations and that made most of the difference. Still have some work to do here, as always.

8. Vlog each month- Ack! I forgot about this one! {adding this to the October calendar now!} ;)

9. Increase my page views by 10%-I was actually thinking I had messed this one up, but when I look at my YTD averages, I'm actually above where I set my goals. I guess that really goes to show that an off month or two is not a derailment!

10. Increase social media numbers by 25%-Another one where I'm doing much better than I had thought. My main increases have been through Twitter and Facebook, but that makes sense because those are the two I use the most.I've also started a newsletter than I rarely update, but if you'd like to subscribe, please do and you be pleasantly surprised by me in your mailbox every once in a while!

All in all, as much as I was dreading this update, I'm reaching more of my goals than I thought. That's another good reason to re-visit your goals each month. It helps to see how far you've really come!

Tweet: Great reason to revisit your goals each month. You'll see how far you've really come! via @MamaRabia #goals #youcandoit Tweet: Great reason to revisit your goals each month. You'll see how far you've really come! via @MamaRabia #goals #youcandoit

What the main goal you're working on right now?

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