Tuesday, October 6, 2015

10 Reasons we are not a dog Household

October is Adopt a Shelter Pet Day. I fully support adopting shelter pets because those poor little ones need someone to take care of them! My own cat, Oscar, is a shelter pet, but he is lucky because he has been off the streets his whole life. How, you ask? His mother was dropped off at the local shelter when she was pregnant. She had distemper and a host of other issues from living on the streets, but she delivered her kittens safely. They were not without complications, though, as Oscar has some neurological delays that are evident to anyone who has even watched him wobble across the room.

When I first got him, he shook. He literally shook whenever he was still. And he wobbled so much when he walked that he frequently fell over. The good news is that in the past 15 years he has definitely learned to compensate. He still has a bit of a wobble when he walks and he can't land very well, so he climbs rather than jumping. To be honest, though, I don't notice it all that much anymore unless I see other cats and their grace and nimbleness catches me off guard.

I've known since before we got married that Ken was more of a dog person, but when we were first starting out we didn't have time or space for a canine. Come to think of it, we don't have time or space for a dog now, either! Those aren't really the only things holding us back, though:

1. Space
2. Time
3. Clean up Duty/Dooty
4. I'm scared of dogs!
5. Oscar is too territorial.
6. No yard
7. I've got enough people to take care of already
8. Barking is not cool
9. Dogs smell
10. Cats rule, dogs drool!

In all honesty, I might be okay with a dog some day, but I don't plan on being the one to take care of it, let it out all the time to go to the bathroom, etc. After 15 years of taking care of 9%5 of Oscar's needs by myself, I'm going to step back and let someone else do the dog stuff if we ever get one!

Do you have a pet? Who takes care of it??

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