Friday, September 25, 2015

Motivated Momma

My mojo seems to be missing? Anybody seen it? I sit down in front of the computer and I have no desire to write, much less to do other work. Don't get me wrong, I've completed the tasks that have to be done. Payroll, credit card, computer ordering, etc. Even at home: I've kept the dishwasher running just often enough to have clean dishes for dinner and the washing gets done in time for clean underpants to appear.

Aside from just the bare minimum though, I just can't get myself moving. Even my blog has seemed more like a BLAHg lately. I've written my TuesdayTen posts because I feel an obligation, but I've not written much else.

Today I'm feeling tired of being lazy. I've examined my reasons and I'm going to move past them. Having Ken home so much is a blessing, but it's also an issue. In the past when he was working crazy hours all the time, my brain said that when Ken was home, I should spend time with him instead of doing housework. I always saved the housework for the nights he worked. Well, if he's not working at all until November, this problem is going to get much worse unless I make a concrete plan to fix it.

Being lazy at home has been contagious to being lazy with blogging and at work. I've let that laziness creep in to all parts of my life. I think we are far enough in to our new school routine that I see where my time pockets are and how I can work around them. I have made some new goals for work this year and shared them with my boss. I'm excited to learn more and improve things both for myself and for my office.

All summer long, I yearned for a routine and then the one I got wasn't what I was expecting. It is what it is, however, and so I've got to work with it. My housework schedule may need to be different from what I was expecting, but it still needs to happen. I can't continue to let life's disruptions take over.

Today I will push myself to make a list and prioritize it.

This weekend I will push myself to empty out those laundry baskets and wash those pots and pans.

This month is the month I will re-enact my cleaning schedule and stay on top of it.

This is where I invoke my new super power of Motivated Momma!

This has been a Finish the Sentence Friday post. Today’s sentence was “If I could have any superpower, I would want to be able to…”

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