Tuesday, August 4, 2015

The Eighties Were, Like, Totally Rad, Guys!

I was born in 1978. That makes me an 80s girl. There was lots of really awesome things about the eighties. Some of them I'd love to bring back. I'm not even sure how sarcastic I'm being on some of these entries!

1. Jellies! I don't care if they sometimes hurt my feet, these shoes were awesome! You could get them wet or dirty and clean up was a breeze. Get a rock stuck in a hole on the heel? Now you have tap shoes! And I don't need to mention the amazing foot tans you could get, do I??

2. Nintendo! I don't play video games much now because they seem to all be about killing things or matching up candy. But back in the day, Super Mario Brothers was the bomb! I could fly through that game like nobody's business! And the Legend of Zelda? Epic!

3. Leg Warmers! Sometimes your ankles get cold, dude. But maybe not your knees or your feet? I for one like my feet hanging out of the blankets these days (monsters be damned!) and I think it's because I loved wearing leg warmers so much!

4. Bright neon colors! Think about this for a minute. We've got this big debate about free-range parenting versus helicopter parenting. Maybe if all the kids were dressed in Day-Glo colors it would be easier to let them free-range. You couldn't possibly lose sight of them, right?

5. Side ponytails! Currently there are two choices for ponytails: high or low. We are completely neglecting an entire range of placements for hair! Let's bring back the side ponytails and have some variety in life!

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6. MTV! My kids don't believe me, but it used to be when you turned on Music Television there was...wait for it...MUSIC! Now it's all "reality" shows of people living lives like no one I know. Wouldn't it be nice to bring back music videos and see which artists are really talented enough to cut it?

7. Suspenders! Back in the 80s there was no worry about whether your pants would fall down; they were held up almost to your armpits by suspenders. I really want this trend to come back so I can find a better variety of suspenders for my skinny-mini boys who can't find pants in the right length!

8. 80s Movies! I grew up with some great movies: Back to the Future, Indiana Jones, Star Wars, Ghostbusters and many more. Now it seems all the movies are re-makes of these classics or spin-offs of each other. Don't get me wrong, I love a good Super Hero movie, but how big is that Marvel boxed set going to be?!!

9. 80 Music! Power Ballads galore! Love songs and movie soundtracks. Music in the 80s told a story. Now it seems songs are all noise and yelling. Did I really just write that? Now I feel old!!

10. Being a kid! I'll be honest, I'm kinda tired of being an adult. Wouldn't it be wonderful to go back to being a kid again? Where someone else did all the grocery shopping and bill paying? Where your biggest worry was who to give the other half of your best friend necklace to? I wouldn't mind going back to being a kid; even if it's only for a week!

What trends would you bring back from the past?

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