Friday, July 17, 2015

Five Minute Friday: Free

I haven't been hanging out with the Five Minute Friday crew much lately. I've had other things going on and I've let it slide. This morning I woke up with a need to go back and visit. A need for some reflection and introspection. And I go visit and find the word to be "free."

That strikes me a somewhat funny. Last night I helped Henry get some more packing done. Frances did hers on Tuesday. This weekend, we're doing a bunch of driving around and ultimately, Frances will be dropped off at my parents' house for a week and Henry will be dropped off at sleep-away camp. Next week Benjamin will be an only child and that feels very freeing for me.

I talked to Henry about being away from home and he's so excited about camp that he doesn't have one single worry about missing us. I could lie and tell you that hurt my feelings, but in reality, I'm glad he feels so comfortable to try new things. In fact I even asked him, "Won't you miss us at all? What if I forget to come back and pick you up??"

He gave me the biggest giggle and yelled, "You always come get me!!!" He sounds so confident in my love that I feel like I must have done something right! That's a freeing feeling too. All the little day to day worries about whether I'm raising them to follow Jesus. Whether they'll be a good friend, make good decisions, find success in life. I tend to worry about those things. What parent doesn't? But last night I was freed from those worries for a moment as my son yelled his conviction so loudly. He knows his mommy will always be there for him!


  1. Ingrid LochamireJuly 17, 2015 at 9:18 AM

    What a precious time you are in, Rabia! Savor every moment and continue to celebrate these freedoms. It will all be over in a flash! Blessings to you in your parenting journey. Dropping by today from Five Minute Friday.

  2. Aw, sounds perfect to me and love moments like this with my girls, too! :)

  3. Rabia that is so sweet and definitely a freeing moment for sure! Hope he has fun at camp!

  4. These are the moments you will never forget

  5. You are doing something right! When my girls were babies, I read something about how attachment parenting actually made children more independent because they were confident in how much their parents love them. I'm sure this doesn't just apply to attachment parenting, but also to a loving parenting environment. :)

  6. Aw that's so nice Rabia he's so confident and trusting of you to not even fall for the joke! And yes, I can imagine how awesome that'll be for your 'only child' kiddo to have his parents all to himself!

  7. very sweet.


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