Monday, June 1, 2015

Anatomy of a {Failed} Nap

I got so many nice comments wishing me a peaceful nap after my post on Friday! I got a little sleepy each time I read one in my email over the weekend! LOL! And each time a new one came in, I laughed a little about the way the situation actually turned out, so I thought I'd tell you the story.

First of all, to recap Friday, I was planning on going to Ben's preschool graduation and then home to take a nap. Graduation was super cute. The kids sang some songs. The teacher read a story and then each kid got a graduation certificate. The teachers also put together a slide show with pictures from the past year and it was so sweet to watch.

After the slideshow we had lunch. It was potluck and there were so many good choices, I got two plates. Ken had to leave after a quick lunch so he could get back to work. I wasn't in any particular hurry to get home and the teachers didn't seem to be in a hurry to get the kids finished either, so I just sat and talked with Benjamin while we ate.

As we were finishing our second desserts, I reminded him that I had to leave. He gave me another pouty face and said he wanted to come with me. That's when 11 years of parenting failed me. I told him he could only come home if he would snuggle with me and take a nap. He gave a very enthusiastic nod and promised that he would. I went over it with him a few times just to make sure. And then...I fell for it!

We told his teachers goodbye and they wished me luck. We drove home and I went to the bathroom while Ben kicked off his shoes. As I came out of the bathroom, I told him to get his stuffed animals and meet me in my room. That's when I saw him. He was sitting on the couch, pulling up Netflix on my iPad.

"Oh, no," I said. "You promised me to take a nap when we got home." And that's when it all went downhill!

He started whining that he didn't need a nap. (A sure sign to the contrary in my book.)

I picked him up and took him to my room.

"Just lie down with me and snuggle," I pleaded.

He struggled.

I turned on the radio on the snooze setting for an hour.

"Listen to the music and when it goes off, you can get up."

He actually stopped struggling. He put his head on the pillow next to me. I rubbed his back. He grinned. I gave him kisses. He closed his eyes. I started to drift off. He...sat up in bed and started playing with his stuffed animals.

"Oh well, at least he's quiet," I thought.

And I actually went to sleep.

Then, at the end of the hour the music went off. Being the responsible 5 year old that he is, Benjamin woke me up to let me know that the music had stopped. Thanks, Buddy! He left, presumably to go watch his movie on Netflix and I went back to sleep.

I probably slept for another 20 minutes before the cat started meowing. He does this constantly during the day. He stood right outside my bedroom door and whined for no reason whatsoever. I decided to wave the white flag. I got out of bed and did a few chores before we walked down to get Frances and Henry from their after-school program.

Did I get a nap? Two 20 minute ones. Does that count? I guess it will have to for now!


  1. That's two power naps! Total win!

  2. I have a feeling this would be my fate if I tried. This the reason, I don't even try for naps!! 😉

  3. LOL! I totally feel ya! I had about 4 hours sleep the other night, so I decided to doze in my chair for a few...until my sweet lil miss decided that she wanted chocolate milk...and of course only mommy can make it! She is 12 btw! I managed maybe about 5 minutes! Have a great week, Rabia!

  4. Haha at least he followed by the rules right? I think a 20 minute nap counts, though a good hour would've been great! You're lucky you even got to nap with your kiddo. Unless they're sick, my kids can't seem to lie down next to me!

  5. Haha! Naps are totally wasted on the young. They just don't respect it! I would count 2 twenty minute naps as a success :)

  6. ha! I do think your naps count. Cat naps. Total success.
    Des really likes when I rub his back too. Or scratch it. It sometimes leads him to sleepy time.

  7. Ha! I can't even tell you the last time I took a nap, so in my book two 20 minute naps definitely counts!

  8. Kristi - Finding NineeJune 1, 2015 at 10:28 PM

    UGH!!! I think they might count??? Still, not the ideal nap for sure! Also, okay to give another sleep story (because I'm sure you're dying for one right)... last night at 4am my son Tucker came and got me (bad dream). I went to his bed and left my phone (alarm) in my room because I assumed I'd just calm him back to sleep and return to my bed. Nope, I fell asleep and this morning, I guess he heard my alarm through the wall (I DID NOT) because he left his bed with me in it, went to my room, got my phone, and brought it to me in his bed and then went downstairs. UM WHAT? That should mean he can do his own breakfast almost right? :)

  9. I like a good weekend nap whenever I can get one.

  10. Ugh! My kids wake me up to ask me stupid questions. Like, "Can I color in this coloring book?" Why would you need permission for something like that!?!

  11. They are so literal at that age, aren't they! Might won't lie down with me very often either. We tried co-sleeping a few times, but they don't like it.

  12. If that's all I get, I'll count it as a success too!

  13. Henry asks for back scratches all the time. I don't think they make him sleepy, but he likes the touch. He also loves to be tickled. He's a tactile kid.

  14. I definitely wish I could nap more often!

  15. Next step: breakfast!! My kids eat a lot of cereal bars and granola bars, so they can get those for themselves, thankfully!

  16. Benjamin is the unknown twin of my second boy. He is totally a negotiator (like his older brother is) but is quietly and relentlessly persistent. I could so see your story being mine about 5 years ago....

  17. Hi Rabia, two twenty minute naps! You lucky lady,you! On the odd occasion that I do accidentally take a nap (dozing into my coffee mid afternoon seems like a contradiction, but it happens!), I'm lucky if I get five minutes before one of the dogs wake me up or the children.

    I bet you don't fall for that one again though!


  18. Eh, I probably will. I'm always torn between meeting my needs and spending time with the kids individually. :)


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