Friday, May 15, 2015

My job Appreciates Me. My Bike? Not so Much!

My friend Tia says there's an epic story here that I have to tell. Well if you can be patient enough for me to type it one-handed, then I guess you'll have to judge for yourself.

Just cut me some slack on the typos!!
Yesterday was Employee Appreciation Day at JMU. We have different activities we can sign up for to participate in. I chose a Pilates class before lunch and BINGO and the a challenge course afterwards. I also decided that since I didn't have to be there until 10 I would ride my bike. I drove to my office briefly after dropping Frances and Benjamin off at school. Then I went home to get my bike.

I actually rode a block up the street before I realized I had forgotten my helmet, so I turned around to get it {foreshadowing alert!!}Then I was on my way. Traffic wasn't too bad at 9:30 AM, especially with the students gone. All I had to do was make it to campus and it would be smooth sailing. I was getting closer to the traffic light where I would have to make a left turn across 4 lanes of traffic. For some stupid reason I decided to cross early and go up on the sidewalk. My bike was having none of that!!

I didn't make it up the curb and I slid straight across the sidewalk. It hurt!! I scraped up my entire leg and jarred my wrist pretty bad. I scratched my chin a bit, but the helmet took most of that part of the fall. Good thing I wore it!  Always wear your helmet, folks!!
This leg is not up to it's usual sexiness standards!

I picked up my bike and tried to decide what to do. The chain had come off and the handlebars were crooked. I straightened them out and put the chain back on. Then I decided I may as well keep going. I was not bleeding, just scratched up. I even made it to Pilates class on time!

Pilates wasn't too bad. I planked on my elbows instead of my wrist, but that was really the only adjustment I had to make. I used the first aid kit at the Rec Center and that was the first time I almost cried. Alcohol wipes hurt, y'all!!

We walked up to the dining area for lunch. I had planned all along to walk this path because I was with a friend. Plus, it was pretty much straight up hill.

Lunch was amazing, as usual and then we went to play full contact BINGO. It's not actually full-contact, but we take it pretty seriously. This year, despite my injured nature, I did not win anything. In fact, twice after losing a game by one number, the caller started the next game with the number I needed. Not cool, BINGO caller!!

Then I headed over to the Challenge Course. I will admit to being a little nervous about that with my injured wrist, but I thought I'd give it a try and just take it easy. Our session got started about an hour and a half late, but we had a great time. I managed to do all the challenges with minimal impact on my wrist and then I called Ken to come get me. No way was I riding home!!

We wrapped my wrist to stabilize it and I went to bed early from an exhausting day.

Today is Bike to Work Day and the kids all wanted to bike to school as well. I wanted to give them the chance, so we set out. Ben mostly walked his bike because he was afraid of the hills. Luckily, his day care is only about 3 blocks away and on the other side of the cemetery, so that worked out OK.

Frances and I took the long way to her school to avoid some major roads and hills. I was worried about getting her there late, but there will kids still getting dropped off when we got there. She was proud of herself for making it the whole way. I hope she didn't have jelly legs walking to her first class!!

I rode to my office after dropping her off. I only work a half day and then my parents are picking me up. I'll have to make a run to all the schools to pick up bikes, because it's Bike TO School Day, NOT Bike HOME Day!! Plus, the kids can't ride by themselves and I can't pick them all up on my bike in a timely manner. And to be completely honest, I'm just gonna take a good long break from my bike.

And probably from typing, too.

Have a great weekend!! And don't forget to wear your helmet!!


  1. Aw, you poor thing and just hoping you can rest up though this weekend now.

  2. I'm hoping I'll get some sympathy dishes done!! LOL! How's Lily's wrist?

  3. Oh, yikes, that's scary! Glad you were mostly ok, though those scratches definitely look like the stung. And super glad you were wearing your helmet!

  4. Sympathy dishes are never a bad thing!! And Lily is doing OK. She goes back next Tuesday. If is is healed (as they thought it would be), she gets her cast off then ;)

  5. Yeah, I would have at least broken my glasses and at worst had a good head injury without that helmet! Plus my mom would have yelled at me more!

  6. Good! I hope she gets it off so she can enjoy summertime!

  7. Oh no, this is bad! I guess it could have been worse though. I am so sorry! Here's to hoping you get rested up and healed this weekend!

  8. Ouch! I'm so glad you were okay, but still. Ouch!

    And yes, I always wear my helmet and make my kids wear theirs.

  9. So sorry to hear this Rabia! Oh my goodness, so glad you had your helmet. Still, those are some tough scratches. Here's to you getting better soon. And seriously—one handed? I'm impressed.

  10. Hi Rabia, you were lucky, your accident could have been so much worse! It makes me cringe when I see people on bikes without helmets, it's just not worth it.

    Glad to see you got back on your bike though and that your accident didn't put your children off cycling to school.

    Sounds as if you had a fun day at work...And I have to ask...What on earth is full contact bingo (I'm having visions!).


  11. Oh man - you poor dear! And yes, I can feel the sting of alcohol wipes just from you mentioning it.
    So glad you wear your helmet. So manly people around here don't and I think that's nuts.

  12. Healing would go faster if I could actually take it easy, but I've still got stuff that needs to get done. I'm feeling much better though, thanks!

  13. I've told every kid I've seen at daycare or after-school to wear their helmets. Hopefully it makes an impact!!

  14. The scratches aren't much compared to my wrist. That's the only thing that still hurts.

  15. LOL! We aim to be as obnoxious as possible when playing BINGO. It's never come to blows, but one year we thought it might. We're just having fun!!

  16. I see otherwise intelligent looking people ride without helmets and I just shake my head. It's just not worth the head injury!!

  17. Oh no, I'm so sorry! But leave it to you with your fabulous sunny disposition to just keep going and end up having a great employee appreciation day. :)

    P.S. I want an employee appreciation day at my Uni!

  18. Oh man! Saw your post on FB about taking a spill on you bike, but just now reading this full post. So sorry you are injured! I fell last summer -I was walking down slope sidewalk at my church in heels and tripped on an uneven place in the sidewalk. I scraped up both knees pretty badly - by the time i got inside to get cleaned up I had blood running down my legs!! I had forgotten how much it hurts. Hope you heal quickly!

  19. Here's the link to the event. You should start a committee and get the event going!!

  20. Ouch! That sounds painful, Lisa! My leg is healed now, but my wrist is still giving me issues. :(


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