Tuesday, May 19, 2015

What Raises Your Blood Pressure?

Didja hear the one about the time I bit the dust trying to ride my bike to work last week? I don't think I have to look much beyond that to make a list of things that raise my blood pressure! I almost put "bike accident" for numbers one through ten on this week's Tuesday Ten list, but that felt like cheating...And we all know I'd never cheat here!

10 Things that Raise my Blood Pressure

  1. Bike accidents
  2. Cleaning my leg with alcohol wipes after said accident!
  3. Pulling into a parking space just as someone next to you is pulling out. You are in park, but you think you are still moving: PANIC!
  4. Not being able to find my keys/phone/purse/shoes
  5. Finding out you just missed your daughter's ballet rehearsal
  6. Someone who calls and says, "Can we talk?"
  7. Hearing a crash from the room your kids are playing in.
  8. Hearing absolute silence from the room your kids are playing in
  9. Accidentally deleting everything you just wrote in a blog post!!
  10. Having the check engine light come on while you're on a road trip...with the kids...at night
How about you? What gets your blood boiling?!

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  1. Great list and I would add realizing you screwed up the dates for kindergarten orientation as I totally did that last year for Emma and is why I have three people write the day and date down, as well for Lily this year. So I will not be that mom again!! 😉

  2. You'll be the fist one there this year!!! :)

  3. Your list made me laugh-crashes in the kids' rooms, silence in the kids' rooms. But the post links made my blood pressure rise. Glad you are okay and glad it was no big deal missing the rehearsal. You got a free Friday night out of the deal. Thanks for hosting Tuesday 10.

  4. Karen @ BakingInATornadoMay 19, 2015 at 11:13 AM

    I think I've felt my blood pressure rise from every one of those. Well, except the ballet recital, I got spared that one since my boys never took ballet. Now a baseball game . . .

  5. Oh my word, I was getting stressed just reading your list! It's funny, I can't watch stressful shows because they raise my blood pressure. You know, stressful shows like Amazing Race!

  6. The bike accident (and the rehearsal) definitely deserve to take up all 10! You've had some shenanigans going on Rabia! And yes, I love 7 and 8. Makes me pause and cringe when I either hear said crash or absolute silence. Just the other day I was cooking and noticed the kids were super quiet. Turns out they were pressing buttons on the DVD player!

  7. Totally missed the dance recital panic post, that would be hard! I think my blood pressure would raise with all you had on your list! Tis' the season though for high blood pressure, as we end out the school year, no? Add in a bike accident and wowza, there would be some serious spikes for me!

  8. Those are good ones! Running late or having to rush stresses me out - and I've been doing a lot of both lately!

  9. Hope you are recovering from your bike crash - I just read that post!
    Idiot drivers get my blood pressure up on a daily basis.

  10. #5, 9 and 10 are ROUGH. Oh boy.
    I wanted to participate this week so badly but I had a campaign that was expiring so I had to write that post.
    That said, the #1 thing that raises my blood pressure? Doctor appointments. And what do they do at doctor appointments?
    That's right. Check blood pressure.
    Mine is always 120/80 which makes me think it's even lower in "real life" to test so well when I'm so nervous.

  11. #3 makes me motion sick, I will not pull into a parking spot because of that :)

    #4 I am such a clean freak it drives me potty if I misplace something!!!! The kids run for their lives!!!

    Your list rocks mate!!!!


  12. I finally made it to a #TuesdayTen! I love it! I remember the one bike accident that I had years ago...flipped over the handle bars and slid down a gravelly sidewalk, I still have a scar on my pinkie finger! LOL! More recently I fell down walking a trail on our last vacation, and gave myself a nice bit of road rash that stung like the dickens when I got into the hot tub later that night! Have a great weekend, Rabia!

  13. Hi Rabia, I've accidentally deleted blog posts before and that made me sweat....I now hit the save draft button with every breath (almost).

    I can feel my blood pressure raise whenever I go into a supermarket or get behind the wheel of the car. Luckily I have naturally low blood pressure or I'm sure I'd have to stop shopping and driving for the sake of my health!


  14. "Can we talk" No conversation starting with those three words ever ends well.

    Not in my lifetime.

    Another dreaded sentence starter: "Mom?" It's all I can do not to snarl "What!?" 'cause I can sense what's coming next.....

  15. Thanks for stopping by, Val! My wrist is mostly better, but I did have to go to the doctor and get a brace on it to help it heal.

  16. I forgot snack for the soccer game last week! That was almost a disaster, but Ken was able to bring it to me. It was in the middle of the kitchen floor, so I "wouldn't forget it!"

  17. LOL! Some of those intense reality shows get to me too. Even the stupid stuff like Wipeout!

  18. Usually when they get really quiet they're sneaking videos on my iPad!! Sometimes I choose to ignore them because I can finally get some stuff done!

  19. Too much going on right now, that's for sure! Next week is the last week, though. And then a week of vacation!

  20. We've been pretty good on the schedule lately, mostly because all the extra-curricular stuff is done with.

  21. Idiot drivers are awful! We deal with a lot of "big city drivers" here in this college town and you can tell a big difference when all the students go home for the summer.

  22. Or maybe being aware of your stress helps lower it. I'm not a doctor, though, so I'm just making things up!!

  23. #3 just happened again yesterday! Argh!
    And I sometimes wish I were a neat freak! Maybe just long enough to get my house in order...

  24. Thanks for joining us, Stacey!!
    My brother flipped over his handlebars and broke his collar bone in college. It actually happened less than a block away from where I had my accident.

  25. The post in question here was on my tablet and the whole darn tablet crash right when I finished writing. I had to start all over, but thankfully it was a short post.

  26. Thankfully, I haven't had a "can we talk" conversation in a long time. Just the thought makes me shiver!


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