Tuesday, May 26, 2015

2015 Summer Bucket List

I've been AWOL from here since last week! It wasn't my intent, but work got busy again right around the same time my arm started hurting more from my bike accident. I finally went to the doctor on Sunday and had some x-rays done. The good news is that it's not broken. The weird news is that it looks like there's an old break that was never treated. The other news is that I've got a brace now to help stabilize it while the tendons and ligaments heal and I got some heavy-duty painkillers to help with the pain.

I'm totally in the mood to be thinking about summer and breaks and warm sunshine at this point, so #TuesdayTen's topic this week is just what I need to lift myself up!

1. Get my wrist better!
2. Go camping
3. Empty out the basement
4. Get Frances' new bedroom ready
5. Visit a new state with the family
6. Paint my front porch and stain the back one
7. Read
8. Sew
9. Start a newsletter for my blog
10. Put together an awesome new training program for our student employees in the fall

Looking at that list, it doesn't seem all that exciting, but it's all the kind of stuff that makes me happy. We don't have a vacation planned this summer, but I've got time off from work that I can use to work around the house and just spend time with my family. I"m really looking forward to that. 

Do you have big {or little} plans this summer?

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  1. Great list, you have a lot planned! I hope your wrist gets better. I am sorry! Make sure to share your painting pics here, I love seeing things like that!

  2. Ooo, make sure you share about the blog newsletter! That is kinda on my to-do list so I'd love to hear how it goes. And I work in academia, too, so I'm totally geeked for you to put together that student training plan. It WILL make things so much easier in the future!

  3. I've thought about doing a blog newsletter,b ut alwasy wondered if it would be worth the work. You'll have to let me know your thoughts after you get yours started. Glad you went to the doc for your wrist and I hope it helas quickly!

  4. I thought I would be the only one with more simple stuff. Guess I thought wrong!

  5. ooh blog newsletter? bedroom makeover? exciting!!! I hope you have a speedy recovery Rabia! And I know it wouldn't be a Summer holiday if you weren't laxing in the sun with good book :) Happy Summer Rabia.

  6. Sometimes the simple stuff is totally the best stuff! If I get the chance to grab a book and relax for a few, that is the best! So glad that you will be able to enjoy some time off! Have a great week!

  7. came over from Eli's place today - I like your list and am inspired, but I need to work on my end of the school year bucket list for now. :) But, it's all good. I need some me - time to work on important things like planning. good luck and I hope your summer is off to a GREAT start.

  8. This is certainly an ambitious list. I cleaned my basement out last fall. I spent a couple of years thinking about it. It felt so good to get the job done. Good luck with all you hope to accomplish.

  9. Well, I wasn't planning an exciting paint job, but maybe I can think of something for blog purposes!! LOL

  10. I haven't fully thought out the newsletter, but I'm hoping to get something going in June. Keep an eye out for it!
    And I'm geek-ily excited for the training as well. I get excited about spreadsheets, too!

  11. I don't plan on making it too regular. Definitely not every day like some I see! Maybe twice a month. I think there are benefits to being able to easily email my followers, though.

  12. No need to stress out about summer! It's meant to be relaxing. I'm actually excited to NOT have a big vacation planned.

  13. Well, all the exciting stuff depends on the wrist healing, but the limitations are actually making me more antsy to get started!

  14. The new state will have to be something pretty close. I think Ken mentioned Kentucky and I don't think I've ever been there, except maybe to drive through.

  15. Thanks, Stacey! I'm looking forward to lots of reading this summer.

  16. Thanks for stopping by, Clay! Eli's a great guy!
    My kids have one week left of school and there's a ton going on. I hope we all make it through in one piece!

  17. We finally got our back porch repaired so I can empty things into the back yard and sort them out. I'm really looking forward to that this summer!


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