Tuesday, April 28, 2015

What TV Show or Movie Best Represents Your Life?

We're talking about movies and TV shows for #TuesdayTen this week. I've been thinking about trying to decide which ones most describe my life and I feel a little bit stuck. My main issue is that I don't watch a lot of TV right now. That's partly because life is busy, but also just because it's not my medium of choice. I'd much rather be reading a book.

However, I did write about this great post last year about the stages of motherhood. I think it's still pretty relevant to how things work at my house. And when I counted, I had nine movies/shows represented. So I'll add one that pertains to my life right now, and then let you see the other nine.

Right now my life is like an episode of a TV talk show. All talking, all the time. People argue, people talk over each other, people sit back and just watch! There's a little bit of news, a little bit of politics, and a few friendship scandals thrown in for good measure!

But I've gone through stages of motherhood that have felt like other movies and TV shows. How about you?

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First comes motherhood B.C. (before children)  These moms are always the best moms. They know exactly how they will raise their kids. They know the exact recipes that their not-yet-born children will eat and savor.  They would never have a kid that throws a fit in the grocery store, but if for some reason it did happen, they'd know exactly what to do.  These moms (who are not yet moms) are Clueless.

Then, all their dreams come true and little bundles of joy arrive. I don't think I need to tell you that the next few months years of parenting, moms (and dads, too, okay?) will be Sleepless in Seattle.

After a while you begin to feel like The Walking Dead (I know, it's a not a movie, work with me, I'm tired!) You're just shuffling through the day, hoping there are not pieces of food (or worse) on your clothing or in your hair!

Each day that your survive is jointly a victory and a reminder that you have to get up and do it again the next day.  You forget what you needed when you walk into the kitchen. You don't remember if these pants are clean (and frankly, you don't really care that much).  You realize that as each day passes, you are becoming Dumb and Dumber.

You look into what used to be your living room and you feel as though you are in the real life Toy Story (and watching this clips makes you wonder if a burning furnace is what it will ultimately take to reclaim your house from all the kid gadgets!)

Don't worry, though. It does start to get a little bit easier. The kids become a little more self-sufficient each day. You can take a deep breath. You can walk out of the room for a moment. You start to consider a date night with your significant other. You're feeling a little bit Brave.

You can do it! You can leave the house without the kids! You are no longer The Prisoner of Azkaban!

You realize that all in all It's a Wonderful Life.
Of course, if you believe children are Cheaper by the Dozen you might take a bit longer to get out of the house. :)

What movie are you stuck in at this stage of your parenting? Link up below and tell us all about it!

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  1. I love this and you are right, especially that it does begin to get a bit easier as they get older.

  2. Great choices :-)

  3. Oh my gosh I just choked on my sandwich! Can I be all of them at once, just dependent on the moment or the day? Sometimes it is a wonderful life and then the car dies or the baby throws up on me and I am not having as much fun anymore!

  4. I am usually at It's A Wonderful Life, although I still have my share of Walking Dead days! Early high school mornings are killing me.

  5. Love this list!!! I had a hard time with this list, too. When I ran it by my husband he suggested Groundhog Day! I thought that was pretty fitting. :-)

  6. This is too funny Rabia! Great chronological order, and you found such great titles that just about sums it all up :)

  7. I definitely think I'm in Toy Story right now! Ahh.. it's everywhere! Burn it all! (just kidding)
    I think this was very creative, though.

  8. I wish I could get rid of them (the toys, not the kids...), but I just can't. Instead I hide them in the basement until they forget about them!

  9. Thanks, Nina! I had fun looking for all the memes and movie clips.

  10. Groundhog Day is an excellent suggestion!!

  11. Keeps things interesting to flip back and forth, doesn't it!

  12. I go through several movies a day at my house!

  13. I think it gets easier in some ways and harder in others. We've got attitude central at my house lately!


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