Thursday, November 13, 2014

Do you Tsu?

Have you heard the buzz about tsu?  Tsu is a new social networking platform that very closely mimics Facebook, except for some wonderful improvements. I've been checking it out for about a week and I thought I'd share my early impressions and invite you all to come check it out for yourselves!

What is Tsu?

First of all tsu (pronounced "Sue") is a social networking site that shares it's revenues with participants. Unlike Facebook, that plays around with algorithms deciding what you see and asking people to pay to promote things, tsu shows you what you have chosen to see. In addition tsu shares it's revenue with the users, so that you can actually make money from using the site.

How do you Tsu?

Setting up an account is easy. If you click here, you will be taken to my page and offered the opportunity to sign up for your own account. You will set up a profile much like Facebook with a profile picture and header. In addition, you can pick a "handle" to use on the site and for your profile page. You'll notice mine is MamaRabia, because that's the name I use in most of my other social media platforms.

Once you have set up your account, it's time to start interacting. Obviously when you first get started, your feed will be fairly empty. You need to go find new friends and followers. What's the difference? Friends are people who have access to all of your posts. Friends automatically follow each other, so you do not need to overlap the two designations. Followers are people that you will see all public updates from. People who follow you will only see your public updates. Friendships are mutual, but you do not have to follow everyone who follows you or vice versa.

You can post content similar to what you would post on Facebook: pictures, links, or plain text. You can also post videos by pasting the embed URL into the "create" box. One thing that is a nice improvement from Facebook is that you can edit photos right in the program. After you select "add a picture" you can click "edit" in the top right corner and an editing window opens. From here you can crop, frame, add text, color correct, and more.

Keep it up

After you've gotten down the basics, poke around and play with it. You'll find it very similar to Facebook in most ways, but the content you create and share will end up benefiting you and not only someone else. You should note that there are daily limits on posting and sharing. This is to ensure quality content and discourage spamming and filling up the site with as much stuff as you can cram in there. 

Tsu is in it's early days. You likely won't find as much interaction as you are used to in the beginning, but the more you share and interact, the more that will improve. As you watch your bank, you'll begin to see small amounts appear as revenue sharing. The more you interact, the more you will earn. Tsu is also set up similar to a MLM, in that you receive a cut of the revenue from people you personally recruit. These people are known as your children and grandchildren. The more people you recruit, the more you stand to earn. And once you reach $100 in your bank, you can cash it out!

The Downside?

I have noticed that there are lots of people who have joined tsu for the sole purpose of making money. They are aggressively seeking friends, followers, likes, and shares. These people are not likely to get what they want out of the platform. They are in danger of being banned for violating the tsu terms of service or at the very least being reported for being annoying. I do not envision myself getting rich here, but it's fun to interact with new people and earn a little money from it.  The main thing to ask yourself is: If I never reach $100, will I consider my time to have been wasted? For me, I've made some new friends and read some new content I wouldn't have seen otherwise.

If you've got the time, why not check it out and see what you think. There really is no downside to signing up. You can easily delete your account if you hate it. On the other hand you may end up on the ground floor of something wildly successful!

Have you tried tsu? What do you think? Is you haven't tried it, are you considering it? Make sure you find me when you get there! And if you sign up through my link, welcome to my tsu family!


  1. I did sign up, but haven't truly had a chance to scope it out yet to be honest. But thanks for giving a bit more info and I like the revenue sharing concept, but not that people would be aggressive about it. But still when I have a few free moments need to take a better look.

  2. Hmm.. I think I will sign up. I don't have a lot of time to make money on it.. unless it's a given.
    I've seen people talk about it, though!

  3. Look me up over there. I couldn't find you for some reason. I've been leaving the tab open and checking in on it a couple of times a day.

  4. Just posting and interacting is all you really have to do. I figure if you don't ever make money, you're only out the time you spent posting.

  5. I did. Found you and friend requested you, too :)

  6. I have seen it, but hadn't really seen a detailed overview .I think I like it and will need to sign up. Thanks Rabia!

  7. It can't hurt to check it out and see what you think!

  8. Thanks Echo! Thanks for sharing it too!

  9. I've seen it and heard/read about it and wound up signing up for it. I completed my profile but haven't interacted much aside from finding a few friends/followers. I've been sort of overwhelmed by certain things so I'm behind with everything.

  10. You've got a lot on your plate, Ana. That's totally understandable. I'll look you up over there and we'll see if we can connect!


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